TSMC values employee voices and rights and commits to realize the values of a diverse workplace.
TSMC values employee voices and rights and commits to realize the values of a diverse workplace.

TSMC Enhances Employee Relationships by Introducing Silicon Garden Meetings

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TSMC is committed to promoting a more diverse and inclusive workplace. By and providing various communication channels, employees around the world at every level are encouraged to leverage their expertise and provide valuable insights. To listen to employee feedback in a timely manner, TSMC has gone beyond regulatory standards by expanding the scope of labor-management meetings. In addition to the current site Labor-management Meetings, TSMC has established new Silicon Garden Meetings (Labor-management Meeting) by function/division and launched a dedicated opinion collection system in Q4 2022. This move allowed employees to voice their opinions via during quarterly meetings and they can also use the online system to express their opinions at any time. The implementation of this dual-track mechanism enhances communication between the company's management team and employees. As of May, 2023, TSMC has received more than employees’ feedbacks which serve as crucial references for enhancing management practices.

TSMC values all voices that contribute to its progress and long-term success. By fostering an open-style management system and a diverse and inclusive workplace to attract and retain talented people who share our goals and interests, everyone works together to achieve the common goal.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and ESG Committee Chairperson at TSMC

TSMC Internal Communications Structure

TSMC Internal Communications Structure

Optimizing Communication Efficiency: Dual-track Approach of Physical Meetings and Systems for Employee Representatives

TSMC values employee opinions and rights. In response to the continuous growth of the Company’s workforce and its , as well as the commitment to embracing diverse perspectives and creating an inclusive workplace, TSMC has introduced a new initiative by establishing new Silicon Garden Meetings (Labor-Management Meeting) at function/division level in November, 2022. This is in addition to the current 13 site Labor-management Meetings that were established in accordance with Regulations For Implementing Labor-management Meetings by the Ministry of Labor. By renaming the labor-management meetings to the "Silicon Garden Meetings", TSMC aims to emphasize the cooperative and collaborative relationship between the company and employees to improve communication effectiveness. Furthermore, TSMC also constructed a tailormade “Employee Voice for Silicon Garden Meeting” system which would allow elected employee representatives to collect opinions and feedbacks more efficiently. Employee representatives are now able to provide feedback to business units, either anonymously or non-anonymously, and receive prompt responses. In a departure from the past practice of attending meetings solely to receive updates on company operations, EWC events, or corporate’s regulation adjustments, employee representatives can now engage in two-way discussions with company representatives during quarterly meetings to discuss pending suggestions. With the launching of Silicon Garden Meeting, it has transformed employee representatives into crucial bridges for enhancing communication between the company and its employees.

The Operations of TSMC Silicon Garden Meeting

Key Concerns of “Employee Voice for Silicon Garden Meeting”

Key Concerns of “Employee Voice for Silicon Garden Meeting”

Silicon Garden Meeting employee representatives are like neighborhood leaders, as employees can confidently express their opinions through trusted or familiar individuals. This allows for the Company's response to be conveyed more effectively and in a softer tone which further enhances two-way communication.

- Annie Chen, Employee representative of Supporting Function

TSMC acts proactively in promoting the values of a diverse workplace and fostering an inclusive work environment. In addition to quarterly meetings, the Company will also evaluate the need to establish additional meetings as the organization expands. Furthermore, feedback and suggestions from each employee representative regarding the operation of the mechanism will be collected. By adopting a rolling discussion approach, communication between the company and employees will become smoother. Everyone works together to achieve the common goal, creating a win-win situation for all.