Our Sustainability

Our Sustainability

Upholding our vision of "uplift society", TSMC embeds the ESG spirit in our daily operations with sustainable development as our goal. By addressing the challenges faced by humanity through technology and innovation, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility as a global corporate citizen. We pursue the greatest achievements in our core business, and as our domestic and overseas operations expand, we are strengthening our positive relationships with employees, shareholders/investors, customers, suppliers/contractors, government/industry associations, society, and other stakeholders to collaborate and expand our sustainability impact and continue creating value for the common good.
C.C. Wei
C.C. Wei
Chairman, CEO and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson
TSMC sticks to our environmental commitments, works tirelessly to build a diverse, equal, and inclusive working environment, and upholds the spirit of Leaving No One Behind; the Company also actively works to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to become a force for positive change. As the only semiconductor company in the world to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for 23 consecutive years, TSMC will embrace the ESG vision of "Uplift Society ", continue to adopt global trends in sustainability management and share the Company's sustainability journey and accomplishments with stakeholders to bring about positive change.
Lora Ho
Lora Ho
Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson
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ESG Implementation Framework

To Uplift Society
Mission & Guiding Principles
Acting with IntegrityStrengthening Environmental ProtectionCaring for the Disadvantaged
Values Created
Legal Compliance
Business Standards
Economic Growth
Environmental Protection
Balanced Life
Common Good

ESG Matrix

The "ESG Matrix" set by TSMC's Founder, Dr. Morris Chang clearly defines TSMC's ESG scope. Based on the vision of "Uplift Society", TSMC aims to set an example in the seven areas of "Morality, Business Ethics, Economy, Rule of Law, Sustainability, Work-life Balance and Happiness, and Philanthropy". The Company achieves by taking action in: Integrity, Law Compliance, Anticorruption, Anti-bribery, and Anti-cronyism, Environmental Protection, Climate Control, and Energy Conservation, Corporate Governance, Providing Well-paying Jobs, Good Shareholder Return, Employees' Work-life Balance, Encouraging Innovation, Providing a Good Work Environment, and engaging with the public through TSMC Charity Foundation and TSMC Education and Culture Foundation.
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ESG Milestone

TSMC Quality Policy enacted
TSMC Environmental Policy enacted
TSMC Education and Culture Foundation founded
TSMC Safety and Health Policy enacted
TSMC Environmental, Safety & Health Report, the Company's first non-financial report, published
TSMC Volunteer Program founded
First TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Report published
  • Dr. Morris Chang, founder of TSMC, proposed the TSMC ESG Matrix
  • TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Committee established
  • ESG Division established
  • TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy enacted
  • TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure enacted
TSMC Human Rights Policy enacted
  • TSMC ESG website launched
  • TSMC Charity Foundation founded
  • TSMC Climate Change Statement issued
  • TSMC Business Continuity Management Policy enacted
  • TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee established
  • TSMC Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Declaration issued
  • World's first semiconductor company to receive Platinum Certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship
  • First Diversity and Inclusion Statement issued
  • TSMC ESG AWARD inaugurated
  • World's first semiconductor company to Join RE100
  • CSR Executive Committee renamed ESG Steering Committee
  • CSR Committee renamed ESG Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy renamed ESG Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure renamed ESG Procedure
  • First TCFD Report published
  • Announced to achieve net zero emissions by 2050
  • CSR Report renamed Sustainability Report
  • First SDGs Action Report published
  • First Materiality Analysis Report published
  • First Risk Management Policy enacted
  • First Biodiversity Statement issued
  • Announced to move the RE100 sustainability timetable forward to 2040 from 2050, accelerating the use of renewable energy
  • First domestic company to obtain ISO 20121 Certification for a sports day event
  • World's first semiconductor company elected for 23 consecutive years in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

The Latest Sustainability Report

For further information regarding TSMC's sustainable actions, please refer to the latest Sustainability Report
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