TSMC-customized tags designed by the first aid team to improve the triage efficacy.
TSMC first aid team participated in the yearly emergency drills at each plant to improve the first aid skills.

TSMC Establishes a First Aid System to Protect Employees’ Health and Safety in the Workplace

Yen-Hsien Lai
Ching-Ting Chiang
Chia-Min Kao
Michelle Yang

Workplace safety and health is the cornerstone of occupational health. To reduce and prevent injuries to all the workers in its factory when an accident or a natural disaster occurs, TSMC established a first aid system following the highest-level standard. The system was built with shown as below, which follows the standards that are even higher than the national regulations. One of the most important initiative is to build a regular first aid team, which will provide emergency medical services when an accident occurs and of the system is on, to protect employees’ health and safety.

The first aid team of TSMC has effective and strong execution. The team has solid triage skill and provides comprehensive first aid treatment record, making the emergency care fast and effective.

- Dong-Zong Hung, Director of Toxicology Department, China Medical University Hospital

The Four Measures of TSMC First Aid System

Regular Training and Equipment Improvement to Accelerate to Apply First Aid

Members of the first aid team include registered nurses, regular first aid team staff, and backup first aid team staff. The registered nurses are 24-hour in duty shift. The regular first aid team staff will establish an emergency response station when disasters occur for and emergent management. The backup first aid team staffs are in preparation to support the first two teams before they run out of capacity for any mass-casualty incident.

To enhance capabilities of emergency responders, TSMC continuously optimizes the training courses and the equipment, and also establishes a standard procedure with regular drills to ensure that the emergency response is performed correctly to minimize the risk of injury.

TSMC First Aid Team Following Standards Higher than Regulations

Duties Training
Registered Nurses
  • Provide first aid to the patients
  • Perform as the leader of first responders when disasters occur and assign tasks
  • Registered nurses with 12 hours on job training every 3 years
  • Registered nurses with 12 hours on job training every 3 years
  • 8 hours basic life support (BLS) training every year
Regular First Aid Team
  • Evacuate fab staff if disasters occur, such as gas leakage, earthquake, or fire
  • Apply triage and first aid, and also help to send the patient to hospital
  • 18 hours training for regular medical employees to achieve first aid certification
  • 3 hours safety and health training every 3 years
  • 18 hours training for regular employees to achieve first aid certification
  • 3 hours on job training ever year
  • Recall training 4 times per year
  • Drill training every year
Backup First Aid Team
  • Support the first two teams for first aid before they run out of capacity for any mass-casualty incident
  • 18 hours training for regular employees to achieve first aid certification
  • 3 hours on job training every 3 years
Note: Means training requirements superior to domestic regulations

TSMC First Aid Equipment Following Standards Higher than Regulations

  • A company should have enough emergency medicine and first aid equipment that fit the company size, location, and number of employees.
  • Each fab has a wellness center: Each center is equipped with adequate emergency medicine and equipment, including AED, first aid kit, oxygen bottles, Bag-Valve-Mask, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, blood sugar monitors, spinal boards/stretchers, wheelchairs, splint, chemical hazard first aid kits, bandages and dressings.
  • Each fab is also equipped with the medical equipment cart: If the building where the wellness center is located has safety concerns, the first aid team can immediately gather at the designated outdoor location and quickly complete the first aid station setting with the medical equipment cart.
Note: Means equipment requirements superior to domestic regulations

TSMC Emergency Response Procedure

Cross-functional Drills to Strengthen Overall Emergency Rescue Capabilities

In addition to the regular first aid trainings, TSMC first aid team also participates in the emergency drills at every plant and invites external professionals to review the results of emergency drills to enhance the overall emergent responding capability. Moreover, in order to strengthen the connection with the external units, TSMC first aid team conducts combined emergency drills with local fire department, Environmental Incidents Specialist Team of Environmental Protection Administration, and chemical hazard specialized hospitals. Therefore, the capability of TSMC first aid system has been greatly enhanced with better team collaboration to provide a more efficient and effective emergency response and protection.