TSMC Hsinchu facilities receive AWS Platinum Certification with the highest score.
TSMC develops multiple alternative water sources - recycles and reuses the groundwater run off at the construction site.
TSMC takes stakeholders seriously and engages in close discussions in the meeting.
TSMC launches the TSMC Plant a Tree Program and takes action to create a green environment at Taoyuan Pingzhen Sports Park.

TSMC Receives Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Platinum Certification with the Highest Score for Three Consecutive Years

G.H. Chen
Tsung Yuan Lee
Jacky Liao
N.H. Hung

As the first semiconductor company in the world to obtain Platinum level certification by the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), TSMC has expanded its promotion of AWS standards. After the and sites obtained AWS Certification with the highest scores, the Hsinchu site (Fab 12A, Fab 12B, and Fab 5) and the Advanced Backend Fab 3 in Longtan, Taoyuan also obtained AWS Platinum-level certification. Among them, the Hsinchu fab received , and was awarded a certificate in March 2022. TSMC is committed to optimizing the use of water resources and implements sustainable environmental management.

Independent Water Saving and Development of Alternative Water Sources to Enhance the Value of Water Resources Utilization

Safeguarding water rights and interests of stakeholders is an important component for AWS certification. Following the certification experience of the Tainan and Taichung fabs, TSMC's AWS Water Management Promotion Team implemented AWS promotion at the Hsinchu fab through the Smart Copy method. In the first half of 2021, when Taiwan experienced the worst drought in nearly 70 years, the Hsinchu site cooperated with the Hsinchu Science Park Administration to implement voluntary water conservation, developed multiple alternative water sources, and cooperated with the construction company to recycle the groundwater resources discharged from the construction site to the TSMC factory area for reuse. It is estimated that of water is saved every day, which is equivalent to the daily water consumption of citizens. TSMC has created a new water-saving model across industries, which has not only eased the domestic water restrictions in Hsinchu area, but has also avoided regional water cuts during the drought.

70% Reduction of Effluent Copper Concentration to Promote Sustainable Development of Watershed Environment

In addition to innovating water-saving models and ensuring water rights and interests of stakeholders, TSMC also continues to strengthen the effectiveness of water pollution prevention and treatment and fulfilled its environmental sustainability responsibility in Laojie Stream, a watershed adjacent to the fab. In 2022, the Advanced Backend Fab 3 independently launched a copper concentration of discharged water reduction project. Not only check the source of wastewater discharged from all machines, by controlling the process and updating the pipeline, correcting the deviation value of the discharge water meter and adjusting the water quality of the cooling water tower, the average concentration of copper ion was reduced from 0.34ppm to less than 0.1ppm, a reduction of more than 70%, which is also lower than the 1ppm emission standard managed by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration, which it is affiliated to. This has helped to improve the water environment of Laojie Stream and contributes to the sustainable development of water resources.

Restoration of Firefly Habitat and Tree Planting to Expand Green Sustainability

Maintaining the ecological environment and conserving soil and water around the factory is also one of the priorities of AWS implementation. Fireflies, which , are typical environmental indicator organisms. TSMC has used its successful experience of rehabilitating fireflies from the Tainan plant and replicated in other areas. Habitats have been created by means of vascular planting, water quality testing, and improvement of light pollution at night. At present, the Hsinchu plant has successfully repopulated a small number of aquatic fireflies. In addition, TSMC has also launched the TSMC Plant a Tree Program. , 1,939 trees have been planted in Hsinchu and Taoyuan cities to create a healthier living environment.

Highlights of Water Management at Hsinchu Plant and Advanced Backend Fab 3

TSMC introduced AWS standards at Hsinchu, Taichung, and Tainan fabs to enhance the water management strategy. Through communication and sharing sustainable water resources management with industry, government and academia, TSMC will continue to expand common benefits. TSMC will continue to improve various water management plans, water-use efficiency and implement sustainable water cycle actions.

TSMC AWS Project Promotion Progress