TSMC Leads the Semiconductor Industry in Reusing Industrial Reclaimed Water for Manufacturing Process

Pi Fang Chi
K.H. Chou
C.C. Hsu

TSMC continues to practice green manufacturing and strengthen water consumption efficiency through the guiding principles of expanding new resources and cutting down on consumption. TSMC has built a highly efficient water treatment network to facilitate process water recycling. In 2020, TSMC launched a program to build the "TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant," the first privately-owned water reclaimed plant in Taiwan. The reclaimed water plant is expected to install the system after the completion of the main building in March 2021, start trial production, and continue to make adjustments. In the future, it will produce reclaimed water that meets higher quality standards, and become the world's first advanced wafer factory using industrial reclaimed water.

As a determined practitioner of green manufacturing, TSMC is committed to using reclaimed water from industrial waste water and domestic sewage to reduce the usage of tap water. The Company has been actively developing reclaimed water technology since 2015. In 2016, TSMC established the Taiwan semiconductor industry’s first recycled water pilot line to produce reclaimed water.

TSMC is willing to share experience and technology related to recycled water, and expects to use this as an example to encourage the industry to use reclaimed water, drive the development of reclaimed water-related technologies and industries, and achieve the goal of common good and a sustainable future.