TSMC professional counseling team made specific suggestions on work processes for suppliers

Source Conflict-free Raw Materials

Stephanie Hsu
Vivian Wu

TSMC supports the “responsible sourcing” requirements of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, the previous EICC) and the Global Sustainable Initiative Geology Initiative (GeSI), and adopts Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP, the previous CFSP, Conflict-free Smelter Program) to request and to assist our suppliers to source conflict-free materials. All TSMC suppliers whose products contain gold, tantalum, tin and tungsten are required to source conflict-free raw materials from RMAP conformant smelters in compliance with TSMC conflict-free sourcing policy and to sign a Letter of Assurance to assure their compliance. In 2017, the Company even sets up responsible sourcing standards higher than regulatory requirements, requiring our cobalt suppliers to disclose the smelters from which they sourced in order to ensure that the sources of cobalt contained in our products are not involved in mining activities which cause human rights violations.

In 2017, TSMC held a face-to-face communication meeting with our cobalt suppliers to convey the formal requirement that the mining activities of cobalt ore must be free from human rights violations, including use of child labor and unsafe working conditions. At TSMC’s request, all of our cobalt material suppliers have completed the smelter survey and disclosure. TSMC plans to disclose cobalt smelters to its customers in 2018, and to establish a comprehensive framework for the responsible sourcing of cobalt once the independent third party audit program for cobalt provided by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI) are ready. TSMC continues its efforts to review its supply chain to ensure that there are no violations of human rights.

Note 1: The information above includes TSMC (all wafer fabs in Taiwan, back-end fabs), and the subsidiary WaferTech, TSMC (China), and the direct suppliers of VisEra
Note2: The smelters of front-end and back-end suppliers 100% overlapped with the smelters of OSAT suppliers