TSMC develops AI hazard identification technology for contractors' high-risk operations, which can detect whether personnel’s equipment comply with safety specifications.
TSMC holds the "Communication Meeting for ESH Supervisors of Contractors" to declare the goal of zero incident and zero occupational injury with contractors.
TSMC holds the "Communication Meeting for ESH Supervisors of Contractors" to publicly commend excellent contractors.
TSMC presents awards and souvenirs in recognition of front-line contractors who have the courage to stop non-compliance and actively maintain safety and health in the workplace.

Digital Transformation of Occupational Safety Management for TSMC Contractors, Introducing AI to Strengthen Operational Safety

Aaron Wu

TSMC is actively creating a people-oriented safety culture. With the expansion of production capacity, the number of contractors who entered and exited TSMC’s facilities in 2022 exceeded 51,000 per day, ranking first in the domestic technology industry. In order to strengthen operational safety management, in addition to launching the digital occupational safety training course and linking contractor's access control rights and construction applications, TSMC developed artificial intelligence (AI) harzard identification technology for the first time for and to actively detect unsafe operation behaviors and environments. The technology issues an alarm to inform the industrial safety personnel to immediately request improvement to reduce the risk of occupational disasters. As of , two types of AI identification modules, ceiling work and tank car filling areas, have been completed and introduced in Fab 15A to create a safe and friendly workplace.

Digital Occupational Safety Management, Four Major Aspects to Improve the Resilience of Protection

TSMC implements supply chain counseling and management in accordance with the Safety and Health Policy, and holds the "Communication Meeting for ESH Supervisors of Contractors" to request senior contractors to grant their front-line workers the right to take initiative to stop unsafe operations, while commending excellent contractors, on-site supervisors and industrial safety personnel. In 2021, TSMC launched a digital transformation program for occupational safety management to improve the safety of workers on the job site. The program improves the protection resilience of four major aspects, including intelligent detection, training courses, factory entry procedures, and construction codes and is committed to achieving the goal of "zero incidents and zero occupational injuries".

TSMC Occupational Safety Management Digital Transformation Program

TSMC Occupational Safety Management Digital Transformation Program

The number of contractors entering and exiting TSMC’s fab areas continue to reach new highs every day. Through digital transformation, we can strengthen the understanding of unsafe behaviors and environments, reduce the risk of occupational accidents, and work together for zero incidents and zero occupational injuries.

- Han-Wen Fung, Director of Corporate Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Division at TSMC

Rolling Updates of Blue Book Specifications and Continuous Upgrade of Occupational Safety Standards

In response to the increase in the number of contractors entering the fabs, TSMC's Corporate Environmental Protection, Safety and Health Division regularly inspects the operation status of each fab area and collects common defects, implementation difficulties and contractor feedback and updates the content of the Blue Book on a rolling basis. In 2022, new items including , , and the relevant regulations on were added. At the same time, the division integrates the management rules of each fab, so that contractors have consistent guidelines for cross-fab operations. Building an intrinsically safe working environment is TSMC's goal. In the future, TSMC will continue to optimize and develop AI identification modules for different types of high-risk operations and areas, use digital transformation to empower occupation safety management actions, and drive the supply chain to protect the safety and health of the workplace environment.

TSMC's Third "Communication Meeting for ESH Supervisors of Contractors" in 2022

TSMC's Third