First admission briefing of semiconductor program in NTHU attracted over 100 students to participate.
In addition to semiconductor programs, TSMC offers internship opportunities, guaranteed interviews for official jobs, and differentiated compensation packages for good academic performers.

TSMC and Top Universities Jointly Launch Semiconductor Programs to Incubate Semiconductor Talents

Claudia Lin

In order to enhance the quality and quantity of domestic semiconductor talents and attract more outstanding students to join the semiconductor industry, TSMC cooperates with domestic top universities to jointly promote TSMC semiconductor programs. NTHU kicked off its programs in August 2019, attracting more than 200 students to register. With increasingly complex semiconductor process and product application, TSMC continuously puts resources into talent development to strengthen the competitive advantage of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

This is the first time for a domestic leading company and universities to work together for systematic programs. NTHU loves to see this kind of cooperation to reach a win-win result, in which students can find best jobs, and TSMC can recruit best talents.

- Sinn-Wen Chen, Vice President, NTHU

Incubate Semiconductor Talents; Admission Briefings of TSMC Programs Attract About 500 Students to Attend

TSMC has held four admission briefings for the programs in NTHU, NCTU, and NCKU, attracting a total of about 500 students to participate. In NTHU, more than 100 students from undergraduate, master, and doctoral program attended the first admission session. Students showed great interest in the courses, and some of them even applied for the program immediately. TSMC and partner universities developed the program focusing on two major tracks, “device/integration” and “process/module”, both aiming at incubating young talents with expertise of advanced process technology.

TSMC-NTHU Semiconductor Program Course Plan

First Program Kicks Off; Outstanding Students Have Internship and Interview Opportunities and better compensation

The TSMC-NTHU semiconductor program completed recruitment in August, and kicked off in September of 2019. TSMC’s course planning team and the university decided on the content of the program, which covers 24 courses in three domains, including next-generation device development, advanced process integration technology, and material analysis technology. TSMC mentors and NTHU professors are teaching conventional courses of electronics and electric engineering, as well as new courses such as emerging memory devices. TSMC mentors also share valuable experiences from the industry and enhance students’ practical experiences. Semiconductor programs from other universities are in the pipeline and will open for student enrollment in 2020.

TSMC’s programs are like the guideline for dummies. Students with no ideas about their own future won’t get lost along the path of the programs.

- Cheng-Yuan Chiu, student of NTHU Engineering and System Science

In addition to launching courses in the universities, TSMC offers internship opportunities and guaranteed interviews for official jobs for students who complete the programs. For students with outstanding academic performance and good learning attitude, TSMC also offers differentiated compensation package as incentives for recruitment purpose. With these semiconductor programs, TSMC expects to incubate more talents in the field of advanced process research and development for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry. Meanwhile, TSMC hopes to set an example for more companies to follow and have dialogues with universities to narrow the gap between industries and academics, and strengthen talent quality and competitiveness in the industry.