TSMC fosters an environment for diversity and inclusion to support employees’ growth and career.
The quartz glass produced during the wafer fabrication process is recycled and reused to create environmentally friendly and commemorative trophies for veteran employees to express TSMC’s deep appreciation of them.

TSMC Promotes Diverse and Inclusive Workplace to Achieve Employee Value

Ara Ouyang

TSMC firmly believes in the value of diversity in the workplace and considers its workforce to be its most important asset. Through three major initiatives, namely diversifying communication channels, providing abundant learning resources and promoting human-oriented approaches to support employees’ career development, TSMC is fostering an environment for diversity and inclusion, and is committed to enabling its worldwide to play to their strengths in positions that suit them so that they can grow alongside the company. This creates a win-win situation that allows TSMC to fulfill its commitment to its promise of Diversity and Inclusion at TSMC.

TSMC hires and promotes without regard to gender, religion, race, nationality, or political affiliation because we respect differences, and believe that equal employment opportunity strengthens our competitiveness. Diversity among our management and employees gives us an advantage by enabling the Company to better understand all segments of society and the marketplace, and better address their needs and demands.

- Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC

TSMC’s Three Major D&I Initiatives

Diversified Channels to Listen to Employee Voices for Smoother Communication

. In order to listen to employee voices more closely, TSMC holds regular level/cross-level communication meetings to allow employees to exchange opinions. In October 2021, TSMC also launched the TSMC Global Employee Engagement Survey to gauge the overall employee work experience and use the results as a reference for future policy formulation. The survey was conducted for all TSMC employees worldwide. Over 50,000 questionnaires were collected, with an effective response rate of 93%. The results of the survey showed that employees agree the company is highly competitive in the market, responds quickly to changes in the market, and provides innovative products and services to create value for customers. They also recognize the company’s decision-making speed, continuous pursuit of improvements in working progress and organizational effectiveness.

According to the survey results, TSMC will continue to refine the following three areas to achieve the aforementioned goals: (1) Establish an open management model and create an environment of mutual respect so that employees have the confidence to put forward ideas and managers are willing to accept them and respond appropriately. (2) Managers have the responsibility to do their best in helping employees unleash their potential, so that employees can enjoy working, continue to learn and grow, and have a great sense of belonging and accomplishment. (3) In addition to diverse reward methods, managers are also expected to use non-monetary incentives to motivate and retain employees.

At the same time, TSMC continues to communicate with employees through various employee feedback channels. In 2021, TSMC received 4,373 entries of feedback and suggestions from employees which were all handled quickly by a dedicated unit to ensure a harmonious relationship with employees.

Abundant Learning Resources Help Employees Learn and Upgrade Their Professional Skills

The growth of the company is closely connected to the learning and development of individual employees. To help employees from different regions and backgrounds continuously improve their professional skills and expand their field of study, TSMC provides a wealth of courses and tools for employees to learn on their own, anytime and anywhere. They can also broaden their worldview and enhance their applied business skills through the . In 2021, TSMC conducted over 3.18 million hours of training or learning development activities, with more than 2.24 million counts of people completing their training.

In order to deepen employee awareness and practice of D&I, TSMC interacts with employees in a lighthearted and fun way through live broadcasts on topics such as history, food and culture to enhance their awareness of respecting individual differences and creating unique values in the workplace. TSMC also designed a course on unconscious bias to help employees identify and respond to biases in the right way; employees can also use to assess themselves and learn how to work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds in their teams to reach their goals. In October 2021, the “Inclusive Leadership Workshop” was held for management, inviting 57 executives from R&D, Operations, HR and TSMC ESG Committee to participate in three sessions to enhance management's awareness of unconscious bias as well as their understanding of diversity and inclusion. In the process, executives also benchmarked against other world-class companies.

In addition, an Intercultural Management Practice Workshop that includes role-play on was planned to meet the needs of management in specific organizations. The workshop will strengthen communication and management skills of intercultural leadership through practicing interactions with subordinates with different backgrounds and values.

Promoting People-oriented Approaches to Support the Personal and Career Development of Employees

To support employees in their effort to balance caring for their families and developing their careers, TSMC launched the TSMC Child Care Benefit in January 2022. The program extended maternity leave from 8 weeks to 12 weeks and paternity leave . It also increased maternity subsidy from NT$1,000 to NT$10,000 per child, and planned to support the healthy growth of TSMC babies.

In order to thank employees for their long-term efforts and contributions, TSMC has expanded the scope of service awards. are available to employees for every five years of service. Moreover, the quartz glass produced during the wafer fabrication process is recycled and reused to create environmentally friendly and commemorative seniority trophies to express TSMC’s appreciation.

In addition, on March 8, 2022, TSMC officially established the Women@tsmc Employee Resource Group (ERG). This employee-led voluntary association hopes to connect and develop female colleagues so that they can realize their full potential and become better versions of themselves. The first wave of activities organized by the group included an internal online forum held on International Women's Day. The forum featured TSMC’s Senior Vice President, Lora Ho who alongside the Women@tsmc team, shared and interacted with employees, encouraging them to pursue their goals and strive for self-growth. TSMC also provided employees with a one-month special online screening of the movie Reclaim. The expectation is that, through watching the different roles women play in the workplace, in the family and in society within the movie, employees will empathize and move toward positive change.

Employees are important assets to TSMC. They are also the driving force of industrial upgrading and social development. We work to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment that integrates people from different backgrounds. By strengthening collaboration through mutual understanding, acceptance and respect, we will create a better and brighter future for TSMC together.

- Connie Ma, Vice President of Human Resources, TSMC

TSMC is deeply rooted in a people-oriented corporate culture and will continue to promote more diversity and inclusion-related initiatives to create a work environment that fosters sustainable learning and is challenging, open and diverse, becoming a world-class company that its employees can be proud of.