TSMC Fab 14 Phase 5 Reclaimed Water System
TSMC Fab 14 Phase 5 Reclaimed Water System
TSMC Fab 14 Phase 5 Reclaimed Water System

TSMC Fulfills Green Manufacturing by Supporting the Establishment of First Private-owned Reclaimed Water Plant in Taiwan

Howard Hou
M.L. Lee
D.W. Sun

TSMC fulfills green manufacturing, and continues to strengthen water consumption efficiency through the guiding principles of expanding new resources and cutting down on consumption. TSMC makes great efforts on three major water management strategies - water resource risk management, expansion of diverse water sources, and development of pollution prevention techniques - actively responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 - "Clean Water and Sanitation".

Develop Industrial Wastewater Recycling Technology and Use Reclaimed Water for Semiconductor Wafer Process

TSMC adheres to the strategy of “expanding diverse water resources”. Since 2015, TSMC has been actively developing reclaimed water technology and successfully reduced the of waste water in the fabs. Currently, the self-produced reclaimed water has not only met the semiconductor process water standards, but the quality of discharged wastewater is also in compliance with discharge regulations. This has achieved an important milestone in water reclamation development in Taiwan.

Collaborate with Government to Build Reclaimed Water Plant to Reclaim Industrial-Grade Waste Water

In 2020, TSMC further implements its diverse water resource policy at the Southern Taiwan Science Park by signing a contract with the Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau to drive for building a "TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant". A reclamation project of industrial wastewater in the science park will be initiated in 2021, and TSMC can use industrial-grade reclaimed water for wafer manufacturing. About 5,000 tons of reclaimed water expected to be supplied daily in the early stage, and will increase to 20,000 tons daily in 2023.

Timeline of Reclaimed Water Development

Note: The water supply schedules and its volume after 2021 are calculated according to the reclaimed water contracts signed by TSMC and government agencies (Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Tainan City Government)

Support Government's Water Resource Management Policy and Commit to Purchase Reclaimed Water from Household Use

In addition to recycling industrial wastewater, the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Water Resources Bureau of the Tainan City Government collaborated to plan and build reclaimed water plants for sewage recycling in Yongkang and Anping in 2017. To fully support the government's recycling water strategy, TSMC provides its professional opinions and implementation experience related to the water recycling process, and actively expresses its willingness to purchase the reclaimed water. In 2024, TSMC plans to purchase a total of 47,000 tons of reclaimed water from the two reclaimed water plants in Yongkang and Anping every day.

As a determined promoter of green manufacturing, TSMC is actively committed to using reclaimed water from industrial waste water and domestic sewage to reduce the usage of tap water. Meanwhile, TSMC offers relevant experiences and technologies to help reclaimed water meet the high standards of water quality required by wafer manufacturing process. TSMC expects to use this as an example to encourage the industry to use reclaimed water, accelerate the development of reclaimed water-related technologies and industries, and fulfill common good and sustainability in society with actions.