The Second TSMC ESG AWARD stimulates sustainability momentum through digital innovation.
Dr. Mark Liu, TSCM Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson delivered a speech at the ESG AWARD ceremony.
Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson served on the judging panel at final round of the ESG AWARD and listened to colleagues’ proposals.
The second ESG AWARD received 1,257 proposals, continuing the spread of common good.

TSMC’s Second ESG AWARD Goes Virtual, Sustainability Momentum Jumps by 60%

Doris Lien
Phoebe Hsiao

In accordance with the vision of uplifting society, the TSMC ESG AWARD encourages employees to propose ideas that align with the Company’s while demonstrating division-wide ESG performance and bringing positive change to society. Following the first TSMC ESG AWARD in 2020, two overseas subsidiaries were added to this year’s participants and TSMC used digital innovations such as a 3D virtual exhibition hall and live streaming to reduce Covid-19 risks and overcome geographical barriers. This year’s proposal numbers reached 1,257, an increase of 60% compared to last year, further expanding the spirit of the common good.

TSMC ESG AWARD’s proposals are ideas that, through concrete actions, will become a force to uplift society.

- Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Digital Transformation Overcomes Geographical Barriers, Allowing Taiwan and Overseas Subsidiaries to Work Together

TSMC continued to expand the scope of its sustainability efforts by including two overseas subsidiaries, TSMC (China) and TSMC (Nanjing), in the second iteration of the TSMC ESG AWARD. To overcome geographical barriers and COVID-19 preventive measures, the proposals entering the first round were showcased through a 3D virtual exhibition hall. Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC, and Ms. Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson, jointly participated in the launch of the 3D exhibition hall through livestream and interacted with participants virtually.

Moreover, to further strengthen ESG culture within varying divisions, an online search portal for past idea proposals was formally launched in 2021 and the first year’s winners were invited to share their thoughts on generating good ESG ideas through a series of videos. The "ESG EMPOWERMENT & ENGAGEMENT AWARD" was also added to recognize division ESG representatives who use innovative methods to inspire their colleagues to practice ESG and pursue the common good.

The interface design of the 3D virtual exhibition hall was exceptional, and I was immersed in it as if it were real. I feel honored to be surrounded by so many creative people. Everyone is here to make TSMC better!

- Chen Wen Chen, Staff of Advanced Packaging Integration Development Dept.-2 at TSMC

Seeing so many colleagues' ideas combined with company's support to implement plans that are friendly to people, society and the environment is really great and so lovely to witness!

- Zong-Han Lin, staff of Testing Integration Service Dept. at TSMC

Continuously Upgrading TSMC ESG AWARD

First Year Second Year
Five Strategic Directions
Entries 785 1,257
Participating Fabs Taiwan Taiwan, TSMC China NEW , TSMC Nanjing
Format On-site Oral Presentation On-site Oral Presentation +Teams Livestream
Promotional Design
  • 2 ESG Seeds Training Camp
  • 37 Organizational Communications
  • TSMC ESG AWARD Website
  • Search Engine for Past Proposals and Ideas
  • 2 ESG Seeds Training Camp
  • 32 Organizational Communications
  • 11 ESG AWARD Winner’s Sharing Videos
  • 3D Virtual Poster Carnival Exhibition and Livestream
  • ESG AMAZING IDEAS (20 Ideas)
  • ESG BEST IMPACT (10 Projects)
  • ESG AMAZING IDEAS (20 Ideas)
  • ESG BEST IMPACT (10 Projects)
  • ESG EMPOWERMENT and ENGAGEMENT (5 Organization)
  • ESG AMAZING IDEAS:Cobalt-bronze Trophy、Certificate of Award、NT$30,000 Cash Prize
  • ESG BEST IMPACT:Cobalt-bronze Trophy,
Fab 12B
Project Organization
ULP! Energy Saving Technology Benefits the Disadvantaged  BD, PE, TD-DTP
EUV Fantastic Four, Wafer Goes Green Fab 18A
Intelligent Ice Water System Saves 200M kW⋅h Annually FAC
Cherish Taiwan, Save Resources  IEC, Fab 18A, Fab 12B
Clean EUV, AI can Help  IT/CIS, Fab 12B, Fab 18A
System of Waste Intelligent Fast Track (S.W.I.F.T) MM&RM/ESH
Got the Equipment, Photoresist Anyone?  MM&RM/ESH, CPO, Fab 12A 
Achievements of TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy MM&RM/ESH, IT/CIS, EAS/OSCP/CSV/APB, Legal, Q&R
Wafer off-line Automation, Warm your Heart, Not the Earth IMC
All in, FAC Dives into the Countryside FAC, Fab 6
Ideas Originator
Airtight Packaging Cart, Zero Packaging Waste S.A. Wu / H.Y. Yen / Cheng-Yi Liu / Cheng-Kang Hu / J.H. Liao
The next 200M kW⋅h Energy Saving Plan for Green Manufacturing  T.H. Chang / S.D. Yang / F.Y. Lee
Introducing an Innovative Heater that Saves 80% of Water and Electricity Simon Lin / Chyi-Tsong Ni / Y.M. Hung / P.W. Su / Yi-Chang Sung
TSMC's Carpool App, Triple Wins Tom Chen
Green Energy Data Center Consumes No Water and Emits No Carbon Mike Wu / Michael Tsai / H.H. Sun / Chih-Jen Hsieh / Ru-Hau Yang
Source Control, 100% Plastic Recycle Gary Chen / H.L. Yang / I.L. Chen / Hui Chun Hsu / M.W. Pan
Re-evolution of Reliability Monitoring H.C. Chang / Ming-Hong Hsieh / Jian-Hong Lin / Jinn Wen Young / Serena Hao
EUV Sustainability – Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, and Energy Recovery Shang-Chieh Chien / Tom Pan / L. J. Chen / Heng-Hsin Liu / Brian Liang
Zero-emission Hydrogen Power  Jaimming Huang
Rubber Band Goes Home, One Second Saves the World! Chen-Wei Chang / Chi-Mei Chen / Y.C. Chang
Sludge Turns Cement Gary Chen / H.L. Yang / I.L. Chen / Ken Chen / Hui Chun Hsu
EUV Mask Repair Express YS Hsu / Chia-Shih Lin / S.C. Hsu / C.H. Lai
Internship of Special Ed Student Gimmy Wang / Meng-Jung Wu / Ivanna Chou
No ”i”, Still Important! Sylvia Lin
Smart Parking System W.Z. Huang / Yi-Lien Pan / Ya-Ju Kuo
You and Me, Let’s Start from WEek Monica Fan / Katherine Yeh / Wendy Liu
Tsmc Podcast Connects You and Semiconductors Hank Ho / Lexie Liao / Cheng Ta Yang
15 25 35 45 Nice to Meet You Yi-Wen Chang / Jade Chang / Kurt Chiang / Vivian Jiang / Captain Liu
Donate e-Invoice, Love Never Stops Cheng-Kuo Wang
Build-Local, Day-labor Hiring Platform  P.C. Chang / C.C. Peng / C.W. Wang / M.L. Tsai / H.L. Chang
Fab 12B

ESG is Embedded in TSMC’s DNA. Through continuous practice and sharing ideas, we work with stakeholders to catalyze impact and achieve common good.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Award Ceremony = Starting Point of Common Good, Winning ESG Proposal Implemented After Feasibility Assessment

The TSMC ESG AWARD’s AMAZING IDEAS AWARD encourages employees to submit their ESG idea proposals. After the award ceremony, the winning proposals are assessed by relevant divisions to evaluate feasibility and formulate implementation plans. There are 16 winning proposals from the first ESG AMAZING IDEAS AWARD currently being implemented, with the TSMC ESG Steering Committee conducting inter-departmental communication and tracking implementation progress on a quarterly basis. For more information about TSMC’s ESG actions, please refer to TSMC ESG website, Corporate Sustainability Report, ESG newsletter and the Facebook "TSMC·Love·Action".