An Innovation Pioneer

Our attitude of pursuing excellence and continuous improvement drives innovations in every part of TSMC's business.

Innovation and Service
Innovation is the foundation of growth and driver for breakthroughs at TSMC. As the leader in the dedicated IC foundry industry, TSMC embraces innovation from every employee. We insist on producing sustainable products with high quality and low energy consumption through leading technologies to help resolve the many challenges humanity faces.
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Patent applications globally / trade secrets registered
Innovative testing methods developed for quality and reliability to enhance product, technology and quality
Provide customers process technologies / advanced packaging technologies
Innovation Management
Innovation has been one of TSMC's core values for over 30 years since its establishment. The Company has actively built a culture of innovation and a work environment encouraging more innovation that is finely tuned to the ever-changing characteristics of the semiconductor industry. TSMC continued to enhance the Company's leading technological competitive advantages through an internal incentive scheme for innovation. Employees are encouraged to bring forth a variety of innovations to enhance organizational innovation vitality.

Product Quality and Safety
TSMC strives to provide global customers with outstanding semiconductor foundry services. To ensure customer satisfaction, TSMC pays attention to the quality of each operational aspect and reinforces a corporate culture of consistent hard work. In face of problems and challenges, the Company stays proactive and takes effective measures to ensure that customers receive products and services of the best quality.

Customer Relations
To become customers' trusted partner, TSMC vigorously strives to provide the best service to customers as to help customers achieve success. TSMC has established a devoted customer service team, which is a dedicated coordination window to provide the timely assistance and creates the best customer experience, from design support, mask making, and wafer manufacturing, to backend services. TSMC also commits to protect customer's confidential information with highest standard. TSMC wins customer's continuous trust, and was chosen as their foundry service provider, thereby ensuring TSMC's continue growth in the future.

For more information, please read TSMC 2021 Sustainability Report:

An Innovation Pioneer

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