A Practitioner of Green Power

TSMC assimilates green management into business and strives to be a world-class company in environmental protection.

Green Manufacturing
Green manufacturing is the cornerstone of sustainable management at TSMC. We believe that corporate growth and environment protection should not be mutually exclusive; our goal is to become the global standard of eco-friendly corporations. To such ends, we integrate green management into daily operations and strive to carry out climate change and energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control through introducing innovative green technologies.
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Renewable energy ratio of total power consumption
Unit air pollutant emissions reduced
In-house resource recycling rate
Climate and Energy
In the face of a changing global climate, TSMC has not only strengthened its resilience to climate change, but also made preparations to lessen the possible impact disasters could have on operations and made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As declared in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Environmental Protection Policy, responding to climate change is the responsibility of a sustainable business. TSMC faces the harsh challenges of climate change in collaboration with business partners, academia, government, and all of society by continuing to use energy more efficiently and by using renewable energy. TSMC strives to become a world leader in green production.

Water Stewardship
Semiconductor processes have become complex as they advance from 2D structures to a 3D FinFET architecture, which in turn increases the types and quantity of the chemical materials used. Water is vital to cleaning wafers and maintaining a clean environment. TSMC has established various water recycling applications through water resource risk management, expansion of diverse water sources, and the development of pollution prevention techniques in order to maximize the efficiency water use throughout the water cycle in its facilities. In 2019, the Company took further steps to regulate the water management framework of its facilities to ensure the reasonable allocation of facility water resources in response to seasonal temperature changes.

Circular Resources
TSMC's waste management strategies are primarily focused on source reduction. TSMC continuously minimizes resource consumption at the source, adjusts raw material usage parameters and technical solutions for process improvements, and collaborates with suppliers to achieve material optimization and minimization. After raw materials are used in production processes, on-site recycling is prioritized so that resources are sufficiently reused to delay the disposal of materials as waste.

Air Pollution Control
TSMC is committed to reducing air pollution. In addition to compliance with the "Air Pollution Control and Emissions Standards for the Semiconductor Industry" and "Stationary Pollution Source Air Pollutant Emissions Standards" in Taiwan, TSMC's air pollution prevention practices include the adoption of best available technology, such as source categorization and multi- station treatment, as well as continuous collaboration with industry experts to improve the effectiveness of terminal prevention facilities so that concentrations of pollutants emitted to the atmosphere can be equal to or less than governmental standards.

For more information, please read TSMC 2021 Sustainability Report:

A Practitioner of Green Power

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