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Aquatica ficta at night

TSMC Tainan Site Scores Success in Firefly Recovery

Building a Balance between Technology and Ecology, TSMC's Tainan Site Is Taiwan's First High-tech Manufacturing Site to Successfully Support Fireflies
Ivy Lee
H.I. Lai
Tsai-Yi Chang

TSMC's Tainan site is Taiwan's first high-tech manufacturing facility to have fireflies!

Our Tainan site was the first in Taiwan to obtain the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – New Construction (LEED-NC) “Gold” rating. Along the way, not only were all new plants or office buildings constructed to meet the most up-to-date green building standards, this operation base was made into a “Green Campus” based on the concept of “life, production, ecology, conservation, restoration and education”. In addition, fireflies were recovered successfully in 2018, creating a place where industrial growth and environment can co-exist, prospering together.

Building an Environment for Firefly Habitats

TSMC's Green Campus applies uses water recycled from the manufacturing process for its ecological pond and for watering plants. Guided by the concept of biodiversity, TSMC started this project by understanding the local environment through seasonal ecological monitoring. By performing environmental assessments on ponds and vegetation, we found that the Phase III Eco-pond located at Fab 14 is rich in multi-level and diversified forest environments and natural vegetation. Additionally, it has the conditions for an ecological stepping stone with low interference, making it a habitat suitable for the Aquatica ficta of Taiwan. Thus, planning for habitat restoration work commenced in 2015.

Continuous Maintenance of Friendly Ecology

Reducing light pollution and maintaining water stability are two major challenges that firefly habitat restoration must overcome. By working with ecologists and simulating the environment for natural growth, we adopted multi-level planting to adjust the appearance of the habitat, which improved the light pollution problem significantly. We also managed the ecological environment of the pond using environmentally-friendly approaches free from hazardous agents such as pesticides or herbicides. This enabled us to control the growth of aquatic plants and prevent the pond from becoming dry land with the aim of allowing the habitat to gradually return to its natural state. After three years of effort, ecological surveys reveal that from the beginning of the project to April of 2018, over 60 adult fireflies have appeared in our Green Campus, and they will be assessed as an indicator species for monitoring water and environment.

TSMC's journey of firefly recovery has started from the Tainan site's Green Campus, and its habitat-building experience will be used to establish an “Ecological Green Campus” in Taichung and an “Educational Green Campus” in Hsinchu. TSMC is accumulating green power one step at a time to enable a balance between technology and ecology.

Work Phase Progress of Firefly Recovery Work

Work phase progress of firefly recovery work