TSMC launches high school mini course “Semiconductor in our life” to enhance students’ scientific literacy through hands-on in class activities.

TSMC Launches Mini Course “Semiconductor in our life” to Help High School Students Strengthen Scientific Literacy

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Talent development is one of TSMC’s . In response to the Curriculum Guidelines for 12-year Basic Education initiated by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, which puts strong emphasis on learning and encourages students to explore interests through diversified elective courses and , TSMC introduced a 6-week, 18-hour "Semiconductor in Our Life" at Taipei Municipal JianGuo High School, Taipei Municipal ZhongShan Girls High School, and Taichung Municipal Taichung First Senior High School. Developed to promote semiconductor knowledge as popular science using , the purpose of the course is to help students better understand the importance of semiconductors in daily life and in technological development, and in turn, inspire students to pursue scientific intelligence and creative thinking, as well as to enhance their motivation to learn. In January 2023, the course was been successfully launched for the first time at 3 schools with a total of 88 students enrolled, 89% of whom evaluated the course as satisfactory.

Learning by Doing from both Classroom Lecture and Online Resources to Strengthen Scientific Literacy

Semiconductors are used throughout everyone’s daily life, in applications such as computers, smart phones, electric vehicles, and wearable devices. To ignite high school students’ interest in science, TSMC partnered with to develop a mini course focusing on semiconductor device and physics and offer teaching materials as well as supplementary online videos for lecturers to adopt. With simple, easy-to-understand lessons, hands-on practice as well as lively aminated video clips, the mini course is aimed at strengthening students’ independent learning, which in turn guides students to gain a better understanding of semiconductors and their applications, and develop their scientific literacy.

TSMC High School Mini Course "Semiconductor in Our Life"

TSMC High School Mini Course

Training for Trainer Workshops to Prepare Lecturers for Future Talent Development

In addition to the mini course specifically developed for high schools, TSMC also established an online learning platform, the "Semiconductor Cloud Academy", and offers learning resources for students of all ages to explore the world of semiconductors. Students possessing an EDU Email address are eligible to register for membership with free access to and learn about the semiconductor industry. TSMC is dedicated to tirelessly developing technology talents for Taiwan, in both quantity and quality, and will continuously promote the "Semiconductor in Our Life" mini course to more high schools, as well as offer “Train the Trainer” workshops for more enthusiastic teachers to join the lecturer team. TSMC hopes to inspire more students to unleash their potential and passion for science and further build momentum to develop semiconductor talents for the future of the industry.