TSMC Charity Foundation collaborates with Daikin AC to provide professional training for students.
TSMC Charity Foundation collaborates with Daikin AC to provide professional training for students.
TSMC Charity Foundation collaborates with HAPPY HAIR to provide professional training for students.

TSMC Charity Foundation Cultivates Professional Skills of Rural Youths, A Triple Win

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TSMC Charity Foundation provides learning resources for children of rural areas in three aspects: diversified, academic, and vocational learnings. For students who are not pursing academic track, TSMC Charity Foundation worked with Daikin AC and HAPPY HAIR to provide vocational training, then matched students’ expertise to serve in local schools and social welfare institutes, creating a win-win for all. Meanwhile, through producing career exploration videos, TSMC Charity Foundation helps students broaden their career prospects. , a total of vocational school students have completed the training and have taken their first steps in developing their career paths.

Instead of asking all children to excel academically, we should guide them to follow their ambitions, develop their confidence and abilities, and give them the courage to forge their own paths.

- Sophie Chang, TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson

Mutually Beneficial and Highly Efficient Professional Training Models

TSMC Charity Foundation began promoting the “Rural Vocational Training Program” in 2020 to encourage students to explore their ambitions and develop professional skills as early as possible. TSMC Charity Foundation worked with the Department of Education, Pingtung County Government, and Daikin AC to provide a weeklong, 30-hour air conditioner cleaning and maintenance training course at National Hengchun Vocational High School and National Chiatung Agricultural Vocational Senior High School. Students who completed training were qualified to work as technicians and were prioritized to fill positions at Daikin AC or could take on cases of their own to increase their household income. TSMC Charity Foundation also invited who had completed training to provide air conditioner maintenance services for local social welfare institutes and share their experiences with younger students through after-school classes, thereby building a mutually beneficial interaction between schools, enterprises, and social welfare institutes.

TSMC Charity Foundation “Rural Vocational Training Program”: Daikin Air Conditioning Model

TSMC Charity Foundation helped students discover their own potential and affirm their abilities, allowing them to see future opportunities and motivating them to train in fields they are passionate about.

- Hong-Yuan Lin, Principal of National Chiatung Agricultural Vocational Senior High School

Enrolling in the home appliances repair course offered by TSMC Charity Foundation and Daikin AC gave me the opportunity to receive teacher’s patient guidance and hands-on experience. I was able to use my newfound skills to clean air conditioners in my house and was praised by my relatives for being so professional! Thank you for giving me more options for the future.

- Sin-An Chen, Student of National Chiatung Agricultural Vocational Senior High School

Diversified Channels Broaden Career Horizons and Help Students Find Suitable Careers

Apart from working with like-minded companies to promote vocational training, TSMC Charity Foundation also strives to help children in rural areas develop their potential. TSMC Charity Foundation collaborated with 104 Job Bank to create a “Career Vlog” featuring workers from more than 100 different occupations to introduce the work contents and required conditions for each type of job, giving students food for thought regarding their careers. Additionally, TSMC Charity Foundation organized tours of “TSMC Museum of Innovation”, “The World of Semiconductors” exhibition, as well as other career exploration activities, to inspire students’ interests in and nurture diverse talents.

TSMC Charity Foundation will continue to call on companies in various fields to participate in rural education. Starting in 2022, TSMC Charity Foundation will work with IKEA and Lohas Biotech Development Corp. to provide training courses in furniture assembly and cash crop cultivation, using cross-disciplinary and mutually beneficial models to help students realize their ambitions, learn professional skills, and bring warm and positive energy into society by giving back to the local communities.