TSMC launches the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy, an open educational platform to share free learning resources with its suppliers and the general public to realize the goal of common good.

TSMC Launches the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy, the Industry’s First Open Educational Platform in Taiwan, to Lift Supply Chain Sustainability

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Hsuan Lin

Sustainability management is one the core goals of TSMC, and the Company is proactively rolling out responsible supply chain initiatives. Through its Supply Online 360, TSMC established the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy, the industry’s first open educational platform in Taiwan. The platform provides learning resources to suppliers for free and makes those resources available to general public, working towards the goal of common good. As of September 2021, 18,950 training completed records have been logged, further improving the sustainability of the overall supply chain.

Resource sharing is the first step to realize common good. Using a cloud-based platform, TSMC’s practical experience and management methods are shared systemically. This is key to establishing a responsible supply chain and also to maximizing resources utilization.

- J.K. Lin, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Materials Management & Risk Management at TSMC and President of TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy

Integrate TSMC's Experience into Animated Teaching Materials to Improve Absorption of Information

TSMC’s supply chain is huge and spreads all over the world. In order to improve suppliers’ capabilities and resilience and extend the influence to upstream suppliers, TSMC’s Material Supply Chain Management Division established a TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy Executive Committee in 2020. Based on the best-known methods of various departments and TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct, the Committee developed to integrate the practical experience and standards of TSMC’s operations into lively and interesting animated teaching materials. These courses provide interactive experience and include exams to help users verify the absorption of information in order to optimize learning effectiveness. As of September 2021, the platform has launched courses covering topics on environmental protection, ethics, labor, safety and health to enhance users' awareness of sustainability management.

TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy Courses

Programs Labor Rights, Environmental Protection, Safety and Health, Operation Regulations, Quality Control, Information Security, and Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy
Online Courses Available courses
Safety and Health
Safety and Health Chapter on Safety & Health from TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct
Environmental Protection Chapter on Environmental Protection from TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct
Regulatory Compliance Chapter on Ethics from TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct
Labor Rights Chapter on Labor Rights and Protection from TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct
Labor Rights Chapter on Understanding Your Labor Rights from TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct
Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy
Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy
Quality Control
Quality Control
Information Security
Information Security
Environmental Protection
Environmental Protection
Regulatory Compliance
Target Audience TSMC suppliers and their suppliers
General public (open to join)

The Compulsory Courses are Linked to International Standards to make sure Sustainability Actions are Always up to Date

In order to assist suppliers to implement sustainability strategy and to comply with international standards, TSMC not only requires suppliers to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct, but also uses the norms of the Responsible Business Alliance as a to develop five course categories for the Supplier Code of Conduct. The courses were listed as a compulsory project for TSMC’s 1,062 suppliers for the first time and tracked the effectiveness of training as well. As of September 2021, supplier completion rate of 67%, which greatly increased awareness of supply chain human rights, occupational safety and health, environmental protection, and business ethics.

Aiming to improve supply chain operations and quality management capabilities, the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy will continue to provide diverse courses and expand the reach. TSMC also expects to cooperate with external organizations including SEMI and the Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD) to develop courses based on industry needs to extend the influence of sustainability.

SEMI is committed to working with companies to promote environmental sustainability and create a green supply chain. We are happy to see TSMC leading the global semiconductor industry chain and suppliers to actively take action. TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy is an important milestone. SEMI also looks forward to working with industry pioneer to deepen the sustainability of the supply chain.

- Terry Tsao, Global Chief Marketing Officer of SEMI and President of SEMI Taiwan