TSMC demonstrated the operation and maintenance of the fire extinguishing system.
TSMC offered practical exercises in training courses.

TSMC Takes the Lead in Creating a "Supplier Fire Protection Sustainability Management Mechanism” and Offering a Comprehensive Upgrade of Fire Protection Management

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In response to the surging demand for semiconductors, maintaining a stable supply of materials is of the utmost importance. To reduce the risk of supply chain interruption caused by fires, TSMC takes the lead in establishing the “Supplier Fire Protection Sustainability Management Mechanism” through the four actions of standardization, in-depth inspections, practical training, and resource sharing. Standards surpassing local codes are used to conduct independent audits on supply chain fire protection systems to strengthen overall fire management capabilities and reduce operational impact. As of May 2021, 48 fire protection inspections of critical suppliers have been completed.

TSMC's Supplier Fire Protection Sustainability Management Mechanism

Enhancing Suppliers’ Awareness of Fire Safety with Standard Establishment and In-depth Inspections

Most gases and chemicals manufactured by semiconductor suppliers are flammable, corrosive, and oxidizing. Once a fire breaks out, it causes serious harm. To assist suppliers in complying with TSMC’s fire management system, in July 2020, TSMC established supplier fire protection inspection standards, which are divided into four categories: document management, operational disruption risk, fire protection system inspection, and safety design. TSMC’s internal experts conduct onsite audits of suppliers’ production lines and invite suppliers to participate in improvement discussions and track the progress, raising suppliers’ awareness of fire management and reduce fire risks through tangible actions.

TSMC's Supplier Fire Protection Inspection Standards Are Better Than Regulations

Practical Training and Resource Sharing Strengthen Supplier’s Professional Fire Protection Capabilities

In 2020, TSMC held the Supply Chain Fire Protection Equipment Introduction and Operation Course for the first time, inviting fire-related personnel of 89 critical suppliers to TSMC’s ESH Center of Facility Academy, where internal experts explained the operation of various fire-fighting equipment and maintenance procedures, and offered related hands-on exercises. In 2021, TSMC launched the Supplier Fire Fighting Personnel Training Program, which further requires critical suppliers to set up dedicated personnel to grade their fire protection capability. For those who do not reach Level 3 (familiar), TSMC has training courses planned according to different industry types, and supplier personnel has to obtain the fire protection manager license to improve their fire protection expertise.

In addition, following the Sustainable Supply Chain Experience Sharing Forum in 2020, in which the common mistakes and deficiencies found in fire inspections were explained, starting from 2021, TSMC has further enhanced suppliers’ fire protection self-management capability through the Supply Online 360 - TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy platform, providing all suppliers with downloadable disaster prevention management forms and fire safety design materials.

Common Mistakes and Deficiencies in TSMC Supplier Fire Inspections

Thanks to the auditing and coaching from TSMC’s team of experts, TPPC’s concept of disaster prevention has been extended to risk management, system maintenance, and loss prevention designs that enabled our disaster prevention standards to reach the international level for semiconductor fabs in a short period of time and strengthened the company’s overall disaster prevention capability and the safety awareness of employees.

- Chih Hung Feng, Assistant Vice President of Xinying Plant, TAIWAN PULP & PAPER CORPORATION

Participation in the Loss Prevention Design of Suppliers’ New Plants to Ensure Full Compliance with the Requirements of TSMC Standards

Promoting supplier sustainability is one of the important goals of TSMC's supply chain management. In order to create a safer manufacturing environment, since 2021, TSMC has participated in the loss prevention safety design of critical suppliers’ new plants to ensure that the fire protection systems comply with regulations and TSMC standards, thus eliminating the cost of future corrections. After new plants begin to operate, TSMC will regularly check the maintenance and management of fire protection equipment to reduce supply chain operational risks and achieve sustainability goals.