Face-to-face communication with suppliers
Praised the suppliers with their excellent ESH performance

TSMC Holds "Supply Chain Environment, Safety and Hygiene Forum" to Establish a Semiconductor Green Supply Chain

Larry Sun

TSMC is dedicated to driving a positive cycle of the industry and supply chain. Through the two strategies of “strengthening supply chain management” and “enhancing supply chain resilience”, we aim to establish a semiconductor green supply chain. Regarding the “strengthening supply chain management”, TSMC continues to increase local suppliers' awareness of occupational safety and hygiene. In addition to providing necessary counselling or training, the “Supply Chain Environment, Safety and Hygiene Forum” sets a channel of face-to-face communication with suppliers. We expect to reinforce understanding of sustainable concepts and ensure the positive development of the supply chain.

TSMC Supply Chain Environment, Safety and Hygiene Forum
  • Fang-Ming Hsu, Director of Corporate ESH Division
  • Handy Ko, Director of Material Supply Chain Management Division
  • More than 150 representatives of TSMC suppliers from gas, chemical, wafer, quartz, parts clean, backend outsourcing service and waste treatment industries
  • Arranged the achievement summary of ESH consultancy project for uplifting suppliers’ ESH level and experience sharing of the suppliers with outstanding performance
  • The two chairpersons also communicated face-to-face with the representatives and adopted their valuable opinions as work directions of the following year
  • Annually, since 2007

The Progress of the Forum: from One-way Advocacy to Two-way Communication

Appreciating Long-term Support of Suppliers, Hoping Continuous Collaboration and Progression

Because of long-term support and collaboration from our suppliers in terms of technology, quality and delivery, TSMC continues to grow rapidly. TSMC’s suppliers followed our ESH requirements and made continuous improvement. Therefore, the risk of supply chain interruption was mitigated. TSMC Director Fang-Ming Hsu and Handy Ko expressed their appreciation to the suppliers for their support in the forum, and praised the suppliers with their excellent ESH performance. TSMC’s supplier management has been upgraded to a certain level through audits and counseling. As a result, we believe that continuous progress on the ESH issue will not only strengthen the constitution of TSMC's supply chain, but also hope to help uplift ESH level of other industries through experience sharing.