Welcome remarks by Dr. L.C. Lu, TSMC Fellow and Vice President of Design and Technology Platform at TSMC at 3DFabric Alliance Workshop.
TSMC hosts 3DFabric Alliance Workshops to enable cross-industry collaboration among alliance partners.
Panel discussion on critical 3D IC technical topic among invited experts and attendees.

TSMC 3DFabric Alliance Workshops Deepen Cross-industry Collaboration in 3D IC Technology Innovation

Jason S.T. Chen

Innovation has been the source of TSMC’s growth. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, autonomous driving, smartphones, and many other applications, TSMC introduced the new 3DFabric Alliance in the Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) ecosystem to accelerate 3D IC technology innovation that can facilitate the development of semiconductor designs with higher density and computing performance. In response to the rising demand of more complex system designs, TSMC hosted 3DFabric Alliance Workshops in 2023 at domestic and overseas locations to share 3DFabric technology applications and the to enhance design efficiency, discuss 3D IC design challenges and ways alliance partners can collaborate to address them by developing solutions to improve system level design productivity. Three Workshops were hosted among alliance partners in EDA (Electronic Design Automation), IP (Intellectual Property), design services, memory, substrate, OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) and testing to drive 3D IC technology innovation.

Highlights of TSMC 3DFabric Alliance Workshops

As the industry shifts towards 3D IC and system-level innovation, the need for industry-wide collaboration has become even more essential. Customers can achieve a new level of performance and power efficiency in artificial intelligence, HPC and mobile design applications through TSMC’s advanced process and 3DFabric™ technologies.

- Dr. L.C. Lu, TSMC Fellow and Vice President of Design and Technology Platform at TSMC

TSMC's 3DFabric Alliance provides a platform for members to innovate and expedite the adoption of 3D stacking and advanced packaging technology. Together we contribute our experience and expertise to support the industry’s advancement.

- Roger Yeh, Deputy Technical Director of Market Promotion Department, GUC

Establishing an Open Industry Standard to Unleash the Ultimate 3D IC Design Productivity

With the goal of accelerating the development in 3D IC designs and enabling collaboration among 3DFabric Alliance partners, TSMC, Ansys, Cadence, Siemens, and Synopsys launched the 3Dblox Committee, organized as an independent standard group, to achieve interoperability among 3D IC EDA tools, design flows and advanced semiconductor packaging technologies. This helps to create an industry-wide specification that enables system design with chiplets from any source. 3DFabric alliance partners continue to enhance their heterogeneous chip integration capabilities for 3D IC design applications, and are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions and services.

3DFabric Alliance Major Achievements

As the world's largest dedicated foundry service provider, TSMC will keep up the momentum, expand research and development, bring together the creative thinking of partners through the OIP platform, and jointly drive progress in global technology and sustainable development, helping customers to realize their innovations through differentiated products and services.