Dr. LC Lu, Vice President of Design and Technology Platform at TSMC, officially announces the new 3DFabric Alliance at 14th OIP Ecosystem Forum.

TSMC 3DFabric Alliance to Accelerate 3D IC Technology Innovation Across Industry Applications

Jason S.T. Chen

The acceleration of semiconductor technology development has been driving continuous innovations in HPC (High Performance Compute), smartphones, Automotive and IoT related design applications that achieve desired PPA (Power Performance Area) in smaller form factors along with the progress in advanced process technologies. Those modern workloads have brought packaging technologies to the forefront of innovation as they are critical to achieve product’s better performance-cost ratio while providing more functionalities, when designers continue to embed more silicon contents to achieve higher silicon density. For the enablement of higher chip density and computing performance, TSMC officially announced the establishment of the sixth OIP alliance – 3DFabric Alliance at the 14th OIP (Open Innovation Platform®) Ecosystem Forum in 2022, composed of 19 industry partners with expertise. 3DFabric Alliance provides customers with overall solutions for chip integration, accelerates chip & system level innovation, and continues to empower the incessant growth of modern society.

Through the collaborative power of TSMC and our ecosystem partners, TSMC 3DFabric Alliance offers customers an easy and flexible way to unlock the power of 3D IC in their designs, and we can’t wait to see the innovations they create with our 3DFabric technologies.

- Dr. L.C. Lu, TSMC Fellow and Vice President of Design and Technology Platform at TSMC

The Timeline of Six TSMC OIP Alliances

Comprehensive 3D IC Ecosystem for Driving Technology Innovation Across Industry Applications

TSMC’s Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) empowers continuous innovation for a comprehensive design infrastructure in the semiconductor design community by infusing TSMC process technologies, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Intellectual Property (IP) and design methodology development & optimization in its OIP partner’s products & services, to overcome the challenges posed by increasingly complex semiconductor designs. Continuing the successful operation of OIP in advanced technologies, 3DFabric Alliance partners not only gain early access to TSMC , but are also able to further integrate seven fields for 3D IC design applications to accelerate system innovations and perfect the 3D IC ecosystem.

TSMC 3DFabric Alliance Goals for Collaboration with Partners in Seven Fields

Being the trusted technology and capacity provider for the global logic IC industry, TSMC leads global technology advancement through continuous innovation by collaborating with OIP alliance partners to drive momentum in research & development, reinforcing semiconductor technologies and manufacturing services, assisting customers to realize innovation in differentiated products and creation of ever-lasting values.