TSMC establishes the “TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship Program” to boost the momentum of R&D talents development in the semiconductor industry. Photograph of Dr. C.C. Wei, TSMC’s CEO (5 from the right) and awardees and their professors

TSMC Establishes Ph.D. Scholarship Program to Cultivate High-caliber Talents for Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry

Sam Chern
Claudia Lin

Talent cultivation is one of the key parts of TSMC’s . To help foster high-caliber talents for the semiconductor industry, TSMC established the “TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship Program” with a scholarship fund of NT$500,000 per year for up to five years coupled with mentorship from TSMC’s senior managers to share the latest technologies and industry trends. , a total of 49 students have been awarded the scholarship.

Three Types of Resources Help Encourage High-caliber Students to Pursue Ph.D. Degrees

Cultivating doctorate talents for scientific research is critical for the semiconductor industry to advance and maintain sustainable. Declining birth rate in Taiwan has gradually affected the number of students in higher education; Moreover, diminished supply of talents challenges the semiconductor industry in finding enough quality people. To encourage high-caliber students to pursue Ph.D. in , TSMC launched the “TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship Program”, featuring “scholarship, mentorship program, and internship” which integrated industry and university resources to encourage students devoting themselves to semiconductor research. With an annual scholarship fund of NT$ 500,000 for up to five years, the program aims to support students to complete their Ph.D. degrees without financial burden. Upon graduation, students can either join the industry or stay in the academia to cultivate more talents.

Features of TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship Program

Program Highlights Scholarship: NT$500,000 per year during Ph.D. study for up to NT$2.5 million or 5 years
Mentorship: TSMC senior managers collaborates with professors to offer industrial insight and career consultation
Internship: TSMC offers internship opportunities for students to gain practical experience
Procedure Phase 1: Application document review by Scholarship Selection Committee
Phase 2: Shortlisted applicants invited for on-site presentation and interview
2020 2021
Number of Applications 131 147
Number of Awardees 22 27
Admission Rate 16.8% 18.3%
How to Apply Please refer to “TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship Application Instruction”

Increasing Applications Show Accumulated Momentum for Future Development of Semiconductor Industry

Since 2020, a total of 49 doctoral students have received TSMC’s Ph.D. scholarship. In 2021, a total of 147 applications were received, up 12% from 2020. Among them, 34 bachelor- degree candidates applied to study Ph.D. directly, doubling the number from that of 2020. With the establishment of “TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship”, TSMC will continue to invest in advanced-degree education to build a solid talent pipeline as well as to strengthen the competitiveness of the semiconductor industry.

Receiving the ’TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship’ was a great encouragement to me. Not only does the scholarship provide financial aid, but the mentorship program was able to help me clarify my visions and goals for my future research direction and career plan.

- Han-Fang Hsueh, Ph.D. Student, National Taiwan University, Materials Science and Engineering

I was fortunate to be awarded the ’TSMC Ph.D. Scholarship’ and meet with experienced mentors within this industry. I was able to learn more about the industry each time I studied under my mentors and develop a deeper understanding of the industry. Thank you TSMC for providing me the resources and opportunities.

- Sheng-Tsung Lai, Ph.D. Student, Yuan Ze University, Electrical Engineering