With the help of research development that has introduced ways to make products and processes more energy efficient, TSMC continues to realize increasingly energy-efficient ICT applications.

TSMC’s World-leading High-performance, Energy-saving Semiconductor Technologies Help Customers Deliver More Energy-efficient End Products

Every 1 kWh that TSMC Uses for Production Conserves 4 kWh for Other Industries and Communities in the World
M.L. Lo

TSMC fulfills green innovation both inside and outside. Internally, we are striving for clean production in all fabs, by implementing 460 energy-saving measures to conserve 500 GWh in 2020. Externally, we are developing world-leading high-performance, energy-saving semiconductor technologies that help our customers deliver energy-efficient products. Analytical results from the Industry, Science, and Technology International Strategy Center's model revealed that, in 2020, TSMC helped the world conserve 4 kWh of energy for each 1 kWh spent in production. A testimony to TSMC's commitment to green manufacturing both internally and externally.

Energy Consumption per Unit Product by TSMC Process Technologies

Note: The ratio of Logic IC/SRAM/ Input/output impacted die size and energy consumption but has been finetuned and corrected.

Referring to research results from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), the ISTI discovered that the link between economic growth and increasing energy consumption can be decoupled with the introduction of electronic products and smart product applications. The adoption of ICT can also add value to industry productivity, increasing output for the same amount of resource input (energy, etc.). Upon further analysis on electronic products using semiconductors at their core, it’s estimated that 10.7% of global energy (equivalent to 3.27 million GWh) can be conserved in 2030. Considering the ratio of semiconductors in electronic products and TSMC’s market share, TSMC products produced for customers will conserve 0.17 million GWh in 2030, which is four times the energy consumed during production. With research and development to make products and processes more energy efficient, TSMC continues to realize increasingly energy-efficient ICT applications and thereby assist other industries and communities with energy conservation.

Global Energy Consumption Simulation

TSMC Contributions to Global Energy Conservation

TSMC is dedicated to maintaining its technology leadership and actively strives to reduce energy consumption during the production process for the advancement of semiconductor innovation, various smart applications of electronic products, and energy conservation on a global scale.

- Stephen Su, Vice President and General Director at ITRI Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI), and Director of AI Applications Strategy Office