TSMC Supply Chain Security Quarterly Newsletter

TSMC Builds Its Supply Chain Security Association to Enhance Information Protection

To Maintain Competitive Advantage in Semiconductor Industry, TSMC Collaborates with Suppliers on the Implementation of PIP
Y.C. Huang
Kevin Liang

Proprietary Information Protection (PIP) is the foundation of the cooperation between TSMC and its suppliers. To enhance suppliers’ PIP compliance, TSMC built its Supply Chain Security Association across different divisions that need to work with suppliers for business. Up until March 2020, Supply Chain Security Association has organized 13 conferences and completed 10 information protection enhancement projects with critical suppliers including information security regulation enhancement and audit follow-up. Furthermore, Supply Chain Security Association publishes quarterly “Supply Chain Security Newsletter” to enhance concept of information security among suppliers. The Company strives rigorously to maintain its competitiveness and protect stakeholders’ benefits through both new initiatives and existing supplier information security protection mechanism.

TSMC Supply Chain Security Association

TSMC Supply Chain Security Association Conference

  • TSMC: representatives of Supply Chain Security Association from all related divisions
  • Suppliers: executive/ top management in Taiwan/ Sales that are responsible for business with TSMC/ Information Security staff
Time Monthly meeting starting from Q3 2019
Topics Security Assessment Results: provide suggestions on based on the results of “TSMC Security Assessment by TSMC Corporate Information Security and “Security Scorecard” by a third party review organization
Supplier PIP Compliance Status: review suppliers’ compliance on TSMC information security regulations based on the record of their violations and provide related improvement suggestions
On-site Service Staff and Information Management: employee of suppliers who works on TSMC premises must conduct business following standard procedures
Information Security Experience Sharing and Exchanging
Suppliers’ Feedback and Suggestions
Case Study

Information Security and Proprietary Information Protection are key missions at TSMC. Collaborating with suppliers to enhance protection mechanism, build a direct communication and report channel, implement information security and proprietary information protection, and protect TSMC’s competitive advantage in the semiconducting industry.

- J.K. Lin, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Materials Management & Risk Management at TSMC

TSMC Supply Chain Security Newsletter

Proprietary Information Protection is a shared responsibility of TSMC and suppliers’. In 2020, TSMC Supply Chain Security Association plans to organize at least 9 conferences, complete evaluations with more than 9 suppliers, and conduct 12 information protection enhancement projects with suppliers. TSMC Supply Chain Security Association will collaborate with suppliers to practice information protection and assimilate the culture of PIP and information security into business in order to secure both ends’ information assets and maintain competitive advantage in semiconducting industry.