Open Innovation Platform® (OIP)

TSMC does not compete with its customers, but rather acts as a partner to help them make innovation come true. The TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) initiative is a comprehensive design technology infrastructure that encompasses all critical IC implementation areas to reduce design barriers and improve first-time silicon success. OIP continued to expand in 2016 with more than 12,000 items contained in our libraries and silicon IP portfolio. More than 8,200 technology files and over 270 process design kits were available to customers via TSMC-Online, which saw more than 100,000 customer downloads in 2016. In September 2016, TSMC hosted an OIP ecosystem forum at the San Jose Convention Center in California, and another in October in Beijing, with keynote addresses from OIP ecosystem partners as well as TSMC executives. The forum talked about the technology development of latest generation technology and demonstrated the value of collaboration through OIP to nurture innovation.

Open Innovation Platform Diagram