Employees attending a speech on "Sleep Well through Chinese Medicine"
Fitness testing
Weight management course

TSMC Promotes Employees' Well-being to Create a Friendly Workplace

Hsun-Hui Yeh

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. It moves beyond a focus on individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.
- World Health Organization

TSMC is attentive to the health of its employees, and sets an annual health promotion plan and budget, taking care that it is faithfully implemented. In addition to Wellness Centers at each fab staffed by professional nurses 24 hours a day, TSMC analyses the results of employees' annual health examination and questionnaires to focus on key health problems such as excess body weight, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, abnormal liver function, and sleep disorder. Based on the results of our analysis, TSMC conducted a series of activities titled “Infuse Lohas into Your Life”, which included weight management, exercise programs, and healthy sleep. Comparing 571 employees who joined weight management programs and 12,295 who did not, employees with BMIs over 24 and had attended weight management made improvements in lipids, blood sugar, and liver function indicators based on our analysis of 2016 health examination results.

Providing health care programs beyond government requirements can not only help employees reach work and life balance, it will motivate employees and raise their productivity.

- Hsun-Hui Yeh, Manager of TSMC Wellness Center

Establish a Healthy Workplace to Promote Employee's Well-being

Weight Management

Target: Excess Body Weight

Exercise Programs

Target: Excess Body Weight

Sleep Soundly

Target: Sleep Disorders

+ Outcome
  • 896 employees attended in 2017, up 29.7% compared with 2016. Total weight reduced was 2,867 kilograms, up 47.6% compared with 2016. Moreover, there were 79 participants and 43.1 kilograms reduced from VisEra.
  • 1,130 employees joined exercise programs which included stair climbing, fitness testing, and running activity, etc.
  • 1,292 participants attended a speech on “Sleep well through Chinese medicine”, as well as mindfulness and relaxation programs, and an e-paper on sleeping well. All received positive feedback.

  • Teamwork: Employees are required to join the activity as a team to motivate each other.
  • Health information: Consultation with nutritionist, and health education.
  • Award for full attendance: Special ID badge holder with health information.

  • Teamwork: Employees are required to join the activity as a team to motivate each other.
  • Help everyone to understand their physical fitness.
  • Worked with Employee Welfare Committee to encourage participants who also joined EWC's programs.

  • Speech on Chinese medicine for sleeping well.
  • Mindfulness programs
  • One-to-one relaxation program

  • I reduced anxiety, and am now better able to face issues and solve problems after get rid of negative moods.
  • Using the skill of mindfulness, I am able to calm myself, and also improve sleep quality.

  • Joining exercise programs, which included stair climbing, made my body fitter!

  • Joining the weight management program with my colleagues gives me more motives to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • The weight was not coming off as I had expected in the first place. When I stuck to the plan, the results were dramatic, which further motivates me to stay focused and keep on track. I want to thank TSMC for the care and concern for our well-being.

TSMC maintains a designated team for employee health promotion. Based on analysis of employee health examinations, we focused on the issue of excess weight. A series of activities such as weight management and exercise programs were held to promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly regular exercise and healthy diet. Lots of positive feedback was received and related activities will be held continuously. With proper motivation, we hope to help our colleagues live a healthy lifestyle and maintain work-life balance.