TSMC's new employees learn professional knowledge and practical operations at the Newcomer Training Center.
TSMC's new employees learn professional knowledge and practical operations at the Newcomer Training Center.
The Newcomer Training Center offers open courses for university students to enroll, and students who pass exams are awarded completion certificates.
With over 15 years of experience, instructors at the Newcomer Training Center provide hand-in-hand training to enhance new employees’ professional skills.

TSMC's "Newcomer Training Center" Strengthens Competitiveness of Semiconductor Talent

A Training Program for New Employees and University Students to Foster Industry Talent
Sam Chern
Rex Yang
C.J. Lou
Steven Chang

TSMC places great importance on talent development as part of its five . Drawing from the "TSMC Talent Development Model," the Company has implemented various learning modes to accelerate the onboarding of new managers. Additionally, the Newcomer Training Center has been established to help new employees quickly acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in the semiconductor industry, resulting in a 10% reduction in independent operation time. , over 10,000 individuals have been trained through this program. To enhance the quality of domestic semiconductor talent and attract exceptional students to the industry, TSMC has expanded collaboration with at universities and colleges, offering free training resources and opportunities. , the program has completed 29 training sessions across , with 2,149 individuals receiving graduation certificates, strengthening the industry's talent competitiveness. TSMC's commitment to talent development reflects its dedication to sustainable growth and success in the semiconductor industry.

TSMC Talent Development Model

TSMC Talent Development Model

Offering Four Practical Courses and Hand-in-Hand Teaching that Amplify the Effectiveness of Training

To shorten the learning curve for new employees, TSMC inaugurated the Newcomer Training Center at Fab 15A in June 2021, offering four courses in equipment, process, system, and on-duty skills. The center is equipped with 20 main machines and 12 measurement and ancillary machines for instructional purposes, with all equipment components dismantled. provide hand-in-hand guidance and training to help new employees gain an in-depth understanding of , optimizing the training results in a safe learning environment. The center also strengthens communication processes and on-duty skills, fostering independent thinking and self-learning abilities among new employees, accelerating their understanding about the Company's core values and their integration into the corporate culture.

The Four Practical Courses at the Newcomer Training Center

The Four Practical Courses at the Newcomer Training Center

The Newcomer Training Center offers professional knowledge and case exercises significantly enhanced my problem-solving skills, helping me quickly adapt to the new environment and excel at my job.

- Chih-Hao Huang, A TSMC New Employee

I enjoy my work at the Newcomer Training Center, where I can share my professional expertise and practical experience with these new engineers and students from universities, and I can feel the joy of helping others and realizing my self-worth as well.

- C.J. Lou, A Newcomer Training Center Instructor

Opening Resources to Accelerate the Industry-academia Integration and Create Future Talent

TSMC's collaboration with academia to promote education is crucial for talent development. Since 2019, TSMC has partnered with to establish semiconductor courses/programs, helping students build a strong foundation for theory and practice. To encourage more students to join the semiconductor industry, TSMC has shared internal training resources and developed two new courses, "Basics of Semiconductor Equipment Components" and "Basics of Semiconductor Machinery." These courses are introduced at the schools that have collaboration with TSMC on semiconductor programs and open for students to enroll. Starting in 2023, the programs have expanded to , offering students the latest knowledge on semiconductor process technologies and tools and contributing to the development of future industry talent.

The Implementation Results of University Courses at the Newcomer Training Center

The Implementation Results of University Courses at the Newcomer Training Center

Through the effective teaching of the TSMC instructors, we were able to observe the machine structure and operate it in practice, which has been very helpful for us to apply what we have learned in the future.

- Shu-Wen Yang, A Graduate Student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Taiwan National Central University

Talent development for the future plays a critical role to support TSMC's rapid growth. With a commitment to cultivating semiconductor workforce, the Company continues to invest to enhance employees’ skills. TSMC will also share the curriculum of its Newcomer Training Center with other universities to help students connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world experience, thereby strengthening the sustainable competitiveness of the semiconductor industry.