TSMC and suppliers improve the CMP polish pad packing box which can be reused at least three times.
TSMC and suppliers improve the CMP polish pad packing box which can be reused at least three times.
TSMC works with suppliers to redefine the packaging scope of the silicon wafer shipping box, reducing the amount of sealing film and saving the time of unpacking by six times.
TSMC replaces aluminum bags with PET bags, the wafer quality remains unchanged after verification, and the impact on the environment caused by the incineration and landfill of waste aluminum bags can be avoided.

TSMC's Raw Material Packaging Reduction Action Reducing Carbon by 12,000 Metric Tons

Chun-Ting Kuo
Bo-I Lee
Y.C. Chen
Ching-Yu Yu

Adhering to the ESG vision of improving society, TSMC uses the TSMC ESG AWARD to encourage employees to come up with good ideas that link the Company's . In order to reduce the use of raw materials’ packaging, one of the award-winning proposals of TSMC ESG AWARD "" was launched. Without affecting the raw material quality and warehouse operations, we successfully reduced the use of four kinds of raw material packaging. , a total of about 12,000 metric tons of carbon and 45 metric tons of waste have been reduced, which is equivalent to the carbon dioxide adsorption capacity of Taipei Daan Forest Parks in one year, creating the green value of resources.

The 3R Principle Promotes Packaging Reduction, Friendly Environment and Benefit Upgrade

With the expansion of TSMC's production capacity, the demand for raw materials continues to grow. In order to improve the efficiency of packaging materials, TSMC's Material Supply Chain Management Division cooperates with Incoming Material Quality and Reliability Department and Corporate Analytical Laboratories to check the packaging types of different raw material suppliers by using The 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) for packing boxes, memory packaging bags, silicon wafer transport box sealing films, and wafer box packaging bags. There are four kinds of packaging materials for bags, and TSMC conducts material and specification evaluation with suppliers, improves packaging methods, and actively implements resource sustainability actions to achieve the goal of being friendly to the environment.

TSMC's Raw Material Packaging Reduction Action

Cooperative Mechanism for Reduction of Raw Materials Packaging

Continuing to Expand the Scope of Reduction and Building a Green and Low-carbon Supply Chain

With the practical principles of "minimizing waste, maximizing resource recycling, and optimizing vendor management", TSMC will continue to explore opportunities for reducing the amount of different raw materials packaging, targeting the original single-use target packaging, diamond plate packaging and chemical drums are evaluated and verified to improve their reuse value. TSMC will continue to update "Supplier Material Packaging White Paper Regulations" in TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy to expand the efficiency of energy and resource use and create a green and low-carbon supply chain and implement a business model that is responsible for the environment and society.

After observing the current packaging mode of raw materials, the idea of reducing the amount and waste of packaging materials is realized through the TSMC ESG AWARD. We hope that our suppliers will cooperate with TSMC to create sustainable value for industrial development.

- Chun-Ting Kuo, First TSMC ESG AWARD Amazing Idea Award "The Promotion of Low Environmental Impact Fab Packaging" Proposer