TSMC establishes firefly habitat management process to enable fireflies to reproduce and grow stably.
TSMC establishes firefly habitat management process to enable fireflies to reproduce and grow stably.
TSMC continues to improve and monitor firefly habitat environment.
TSMC holds the "Finding the Light" theme exhibition for employees to have better understanding of the firefly recovery plan.

TSMC Expands Habitat Operations and Rehabilitates Over 1,000 Fireflies

Chenwu Chung
Y.H. Ron
Tsai-Yi Chang
Pei-Chun Tu

TSMC is committed to creating a balance between technology and ecology. It is the first semiconductor company in Taiwan to have fireflies. Following the successful restoration of fireflies at the Tainan site, TSMC continued to expand the habitat creation program to the Hsinchu site and Taichung site. A total of more than 1,600 imagoes appeared in the three main factories in May, 2022. By creating an eco-friendly factory environment, the mission of strengthening environmental protection was put into action.

Establish a Habitat Management Process to Help Fireflies Reproduce Stably

Fireflies need a clean, pollution-free living environment, which is . TSMC adheres to the concept of biodiversity and has planned to build a firefly habitat since 2008. After 10 years of hard work, the regeneration in Fab 14 Phase 3 was successful in 2018. In order to stabilize the reproduction and growth of fireflies, TSMC has transformed long-term habitat maintenance experience into a systematic management process, and further extended the scope of restoration. In 2019, Fab 12 Phase 7 and Fab 15 Phase 1 were included as habitat creation sites. Through the three main steps of establishing habitats, cultivating fireflies and larval prey, and continuously improving and monitoring the environment, a suitable habitat for firefly reproduction was created, accumulating green energy bit by bit.

TSMC Firefly Habitat Management Process

Diversified Promotion and Strengthened Management to Expand Firefly Territory

In addition to creating habitats in the three major fabs, TSMC also conducts various promotional activities such as the "Finding the Light" theme exhibitions, ecological lectures, and night visits. This enables employees to have a better understanding of the firefly recovery plan and raises biodiversity awareness. In order to strengthen the ability to manage ecological conservation practices, education and training courses for habitat managers are expected to be held in the third quarter of 2022.

Besides, in order to expand the scope of firefly habitat creation, TSMC has extended the rehabilitation technology from within the fab to outside of the fab. By cooperating with the Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration, TSMC strengthens the surrounding green belts in the park to develop a multi-layered planting environment, making preliminary preparations for the firefly habitat. Currently TSMC is conducting the second-stage environmental investigation with the Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration and the consultant group to evaluate suitable firefly habitats and comprehensively plan the ecological design of the green area, including park road lighting and water habitats, to bring the park environment closer to the natural ecology. The firefly territory will continue to expand, further implementing sustainable environmental development.