FOUP is an enclosure designed to hold wafers in the fab. TSMC worked with its suppliers to develop a new water saving control system and implemented it into FOUP cleaner.
TSMC worked with suppliers to develop a "water saving control system" and introduced it into a FOUP cleaning tool, helping to save 24% of the tool's water consumption.

TSMC Works with Suppliers to Develop a New Water Saving Control System to Save 380,000 Tons of Pure Water and 15.3 Million kWh of Electricity per Year as 2022 Target

C.H. Hsu
Chyi-Tsong Ni
Scott Ku
S.Y. Teng

TSMC is committed to optimizing energy efficiency of manufacturing and continues to practice green manufacturing with innovative technologies. After building industry’s first recirculating water heater for wafer cleaning tools, TSMC has further developed a "water saving control system" for cleaning tools. The system has passed the verification in the second quarter of 2021, which can help to save 24% of water use through the precise control of pure water consumption. The Company has successfully introduced this system to Fab 12B and Fab 18A by August 2021 and expected to implement it in all TSMC 12-inch fabs in 2022, which will save 380,000 tons of pure water and 15.3 million kWh of electricity each year.

Adjustably Precise Control of Hot Water Flow to Save both Water and Heating Energy

In the first half of 2021, there was a severe challenge of water and electricity shortage in Taiwan. TSMC was actively looking for opportunities to reduce water and energy consumption for its manufacturing equipment. The Company found that the FOUP cleaning tool was operated by non-adjustable water valve to ensure continuous output of hot water. The water supply continued even during machine idle time to ensure the stable temperature of water. In order to improve water-use efficiency, the TSMC Intelligent Engineering Center and Fab 12B worked with suppliers to analyze the energy consumption and operating parameters of the cleaning tool and develop an adjustable water control system. During machine idle time, the water supply is gradually decreased. This helps to effectively save water and electricity at the same time, while reducing carbon emissions by 7,800 metric tons per year, 20 times of the carbon emissions absorbed by the Daan Forest Parks in Taipei per year.

TSMC continues to make efforts on energy-saving projects and energy efficiency improvements, turning insights into real influence and maximizing energy conservation.

- Y.J. Wang, Director of Intelligent Engineering Center, TSMC

TSMC’s Continuous Efforts on Energy Efficiency Improvements for FOUP Cleaning Tool

Continuous Energy-saving Innovation to Achieve Maximum Energy Conservation for Fab Tools

The "water saving control system" has become a standard facility for FOUP cleaning tool in TSMC’s newly-built fabs. Meanwhile, the Company will complete the system retrofit for its existing 12-inch fabs by the second quarter of 2022. Upon completion, the new control system will help to save an estimated of 380,000 tons of pure water and 15.3 million kWh of electricity every year. In order to extend the benefits of energy saving, TSMC will further develop a "hot water recirculation system" for the FOUP cleaning tool, which is expected to enter the evaluation process in the fourth quarter of 2021. The Company will continue its effort to achieve the goal of maximizing energy saving for its fab tools.

TSMC's Energy-saving Plan for FOUP Cleaning Tool