Entries of the Third TSMC ESG AWARD reach 1,880, continuing to drive the momentum of sustainnovation within the Company.
Entries of the Third TSMC ESG AWARD reach 1,880, continuing to drive the momentum of sustainnovation within the Company.
Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC encourages TSMCers to expand their horizons and become respectable world citizens.
Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson at TSMC expects to create a better workplace by listening to employees’ voice through TSMC ESG AWARD.
All the overseas subsidiaries participate in the Third TSMC ESG AWARD. The team from Fab 10 receives AMAZING IDEAS AWARD.

TSMC’s Third ESG AWARD Reaches 1,880 Proposals, Driving Sustainable Innovation

Rockie Lin
Phoebe Hsiao
Sonia Shih

TSMC established an annual ESG AWARD to encourage employees to contribute inspiring ideas to support TSMC’s and recognize ESG progress of internal divisions. The ESG AWARD helps to motivate TSMCers to explore and tap into various possibilities of progress to continually drive the culture of sustainable innovation. TSMC ESG AWARD entered its third year in 2022. To encourage all employees to invest in ESG and to bypass geographical restrictions, this year, all overseas subsidiaries participated in the grand event. Not only did the Company broadcast all the shortlisted proposals of first round selection in a 3D virtual exhibition, but two warm-up programs were also launched to strengthen TSMCers’ awareness of values and actions. A total of 109,890 people participated, submitting up to 1,880 proposal, reaching a YoY increase of 50% and continuing to extend the impact of common good.

While TSMC is committed to the five ESG directions and sustainnovation, we also encourage TSMCers to expand their horizons, cherish resources, care for others, and become respectable world citizens through participating in ESG AWARD.

- Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and ESG Steering Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Continuing to Deepen Corporate ESG Culture, Proposals for the Five ESG Directions Increase

In order to promote the implementation of sustainable culture in all organizations at home and abroad, TSMC not only built a dedicated , but also expanded the scale of consultation seminars to 50 sessions this year. TSMC invited ESG representatives from the 2021 Winners to share ideas on how to motivate colleagues to practice ESG. Internal experts also exchanged their experience on sustainable topics including energy conservation and carbon reduction, circular resources, diversity and inclusion, so as to enhance mutual benefits across organizations. The number of proposals in the five ESG directions all increased this year. Among all, the growth rate of Create a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace reached 116%, demonstrating that TSMCers are keen on building a workplace that can unleash potential and realize the value of diversity. They are willing to come up with innovative ideas and put them into action.

Entries of The Third TSMC ESG AWARD Continue to Grow

Through TSMC ESG AWARD, our ideas are valued and recognized. Not only can we feel the vigorous ESG culture of the Company, but it also enhances our confidence in realizing the idea. While focusing on the core competency of IC manufacturing, we can contribute to the society.

- Carol Cai, Winner of 2022 AMAZING IDEAS AWARD “Build a Base for Environmental Education”

Promoting cross-cultural communication is a fantastic way to help everyone feel included. It also fosters diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. I'm honored to receive this ESG AWARD, and hope it encourages our colleagues to venture out of their comfort zone in meeting people of different cultures and backgrounds.

- Allen Timothy Chang, Winner of 2022 AMAZING IDEAS AWARD “Support STEM Education for the Original Inhabitants of Arizona”

A Leap Forward of the Third TSMC ESG AWARD

Five Strategic Directions
Entries 1,880 Entries
Fabs Involved Taiwan and All the Overseas Subsidiaries
Format Onsite Presentation + Teams Livestream
Promotional Design
  • ESG BEST IMPACT AWARD (10 Projects)
  • EMPOWERMENT and ENGAGEMENT AWARD (5 Organizations)
  • AMAZING IDEAS AWARD: Cobalt-bronze Trophy、Certificate of Award、NT$30,000 Cash Prize
  • BEST IMPACT AWARD: Cobalt-bronze Trophy,
Fab 12B
Project Organization
Optimized Operations of EUV Systems Enable Efficient Energy Use Fab 12B
A Small Step of Development Adjustment, a Big Step for EUV System Energy Saving Fab 12B
Transforming Wasted Hydrogen Fluoride into Cryolite FAC
Commencement of TSMC S.T.S.P. Reclaimed Water Plant ─ Implementation and Visions FAC
Supplier Material Packaging Regulation White Paper MM&RM/ESH
Develop APP to Replace Paperwork of Customs-related Process Electronically MM&RM/ESH, IT/CIS
Offer IT Capacity Building Courses to Contribute to Work-life Balance Fab 2&Fab 5, IT/CIS
Digitized Fab – Most Powerful Digital Partner Fab 15B, IMC/MTRDP
Develop Semiconductor General Science Program for High School Talents Cultivation HR, TD-DTP/JDC/ODC
Unleash FinFET Design Education with TSMC N16 ADFP TD-Integration+PFD+CR, TD-DTP/JDC/ODC, PE/PDTDD
Ideas Originator
Optimize the NH₃ Efficiency of the Development Process to Save More Water Yi-Kuan Chung/C.M. Kuo/Karen Chiang/Alan Lin/Kevin Kao
Recirculate Dupont’s Tyvek® Protective Suits J.J. Hwang/H.L. Yang
Turn Sludge into Electronic Grade Hydrogen Fluoride Mona Yeh/I.L. Chen/H.L. Yang
Major League of Package Boxes Circulation Yi-Hung Chen/Rowan Tien/Jacky Wu/Mario Wu
Diamond Wire Sawing Realizes Green Manufacturing Pang-Kai Lo/Wei-Zhe Chang/Tzu-Cheng Huang/Barry Kuo/Sophia Lee
Reuse Quartz of Masks to Realize Circular Economy Po-Yen Chien
Generate Electricity through Noise Source J.J. Chen/Yu-Lun Hsiao
Electronic Label – a More Environmental-friendly Choice Richard Peng/Ashley Hsieh/L.R. Wan/P.Y. Ho/A.M. Wu
Transform Wasted Water into Treasure Huang Jie Chang/W.Z. Huang/Yi-Lien Pan
Recycle Wafer Packaging Bags for Aluminum M.W. Pan/I.L. Chen/H.L. Yang
Integrate Social Care Option in the Company’s Incentive Program K.Y. Liu/C.L. Hsieh/W.H. Chou/H.H. Tsai/Chen Hao Lai
Offer Workplace Experience for Underprivileged Students Elain Liao/Gary Huang/Claudia Lin
Support STEM Education for the Original Inhabitants of Arizona Allen Timothy Chang
Build a Base for Environmental Education Carol Cai/Y. Zhou/A.J. Zhu/R.H. Wang
TSMC Wikipedia – Knowledge Sharing Platform Hsiao-Feng Lu/C.T. Wu
Campus Seeding Project for Operation Talents Eddy Hung/Margaret Shen/Brenda Chang/Claudia Lin/Cheer Chang
Man Down – Safety Guardian Jen-Feng Wang/Chin-Jen Wang/Johnny Tsai
TSMC ESG Ambassador Program Chen-Wei Chang/B.J. Su/S.H. Chiu/Ming-Chung Yang/Y.C. Chang
ERT – Balance Emergency Response Measures and Safety Y.T. Lin
TSMC Support System for Motherhood Brook N.F. Tsai
Fab 2&Fab 5
Fab 12B
Fab 15B

As TSMC constantly pursues a more interesting way to establish ESG culture, we also open up a mutual dialogue through TSMC ESG AWARD to create a caring workplace for our people.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson at TSMC

TSMC ESG AWARD serves as a sharing platform to promote sustainable thinking and actions within TSMC, and it garners the sustainable competencies from colleagues to strengthen the Company's competitiveness. For the 40 winners of the first and second ESG AMAZING IDEAS AWARDS, a total of 31 proposals are currently being implemented through the TSMC ESG Committee to conduct cross-departmental communication, integrate resources, and track implementation progress on a quarterly basis, continuing to drive more positive changes. For more information about TSMC's ESG actions, please refer to TSMC ESG website, TSMC Sustainability Report, ESG Newsletter and LinkedIn.