TSMC introduces the TSMC ESG Master challenge to enhance sustainability competencies among TSMC employees.
TSMC launches “From Plastic to Fabric – Your Eco-Friendly T-shirt Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles” to encourage employees to practice environmental protection in our daily life.

TSMC Kicks Off the Third Annual ESG AWARD with Over 15,900 Employees Participating

TSMC ESG Master Challenge and Eco-friendly Apparel Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles Raise Employee Awareness About Sustainability
Sonia Shih
Phoebe Hsiao
I.L. Chen
Janus Li

TSMC established an annual ESG AWARD to encourage employees to contribute inspiring ideas to support TSMC’s and recognize internal divisions’ ESG progress. The Company kicked off its third ESG AWARD in August 2022 and rolled out two warm-up programs to increase employee participation. One program is the TSMC ESG Master challenge, and the other one is called From Plastic to Fabric – Your Eco-friendly T-shirt Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles. The two warm-up programs have greatly strengthened employees’ awareness about values and actions through taking daily quiz challenges and practicing recycling in daily life. The programs have attracted 15,989 employees from Taiwan and overseas offices to participate, effectively increasing the sustainability impact.

To achieve high scores in the TSMC ESG Master challenge, you have to answer as fast and accurately as you can. Thanks to the ESG Department for introducing such edutainment activities, I was able to know more about TSMC’s ESG progress!

- Cheng-Hsuan Tsai, Champion of the 2022 TSMC ESG Master Challenge

One Minute Quiz Challenge a Day to Raise ESG Awareness

To improve employee engagement in ESG, the daily quiz questions covered topics from global sustainability trends and environment to TSMC’s ESG practices, which are ranked and by question difficulty levels. The Company’s ESG Department and Corporate IT Division worked together to create a dedicated platform where TSMC employees can participate in the challenge by taking a 60-second quiz, once a day. The winner with the highest scores will receive an exclusive limited-edition gift box. In 28 days, 28,392 people in total have participated in the challenge. To encourage employee participation, TSMC also established a Teamwork Award. The winners of this Teamwork Award will receive bonus points to compete for the . A total of 20 divisions have successfully met the target, effectively enhancing their sustainability knowledge and competencies.

This year’s new TSMC ESG Master challenge not only helped me to know more about ESG and our company’s sustainable development goals, but also allows me to practice in our daily life and workplace, leading the team to develop innovative IT solutions to help realize ESG goals and foster common good.

- Frank Lin, Director of Business System Integration Division of Corporate Information Technology at TSMC

From Plastic Bottles to Eco-friendly T-shirt: Putting the Circular Economy into Practice

As a responsible corporate citizen, TSMC is committed to reaching Net Zero Emissions by 2050 and published its Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report in 2021, taking active actions to adapt to climate change and mitigate climate impact. To increase employees’ awareness about environmental issues and inspire them to contribute more innovative sustainability ideas, TSMC’s ESG Department has worked with the Material Supply Chain Management Division, one of the organizations that won the second ESG AWARD for , to roll out a program called “From Plastic to Fabric.” Leveraging their expertise on Resource Recovery Management, we set up dedicated recycling bins in the cafeterias at each fab to encourage employees to recycle plastic bottles. The employees are also encouraged to take an for a chance to win limited-edition eco-friendly t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, which is a way for them to learn more about TSMC’s best practices in circular economy. Nearly 6,000 employees have participated this 6-week campaign and have collected over 60,000 recycled plastic bottles, significantly improving awareness of the value of the circular economy among TSMC employees.

Through the program of “From Plastic to Fabric,” TSMC employees have learned the significance of circular economy and put the principles of it into practice. I hope this will serve as a good start to promote more resource recycling actions, which makes my job even more meaningful and valuable.

- I. L. Chen, Project Owner of “From Plastic to Fabric”

Warm-up Programs for the Third TSMC ESG AWARD

TSMC builds its ESG AWARD as a platform to share sustainability values and promote related actions, strengthening the Company’s sustainability competencies and driving positive changes continuously. For more information on ESG practices at TSMC, please visit the ESG website, Sustainability Reports, ESG Newsletters, and LinkedIn Page.