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2022 Sustainability Report
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Driving Positive

The World's First Semiconductor Company to Join RE100

Triumphantly March
toward Sustainability

AWS Platinum Certification

Sustainability at TSMC

  • $1.3 trillion
    Generated NT$1.3 trillion in output value and 224,000 jobs in Taiwan
  • 100%
    100% patent approval rate in the U.S., better than any other top 10 patent holder
  • $16.2 trillion
    Market capitalization (NT$)
  • 1
    Leading the world in 3nm process risk production to empower the next-generation technology products
  • 20%
    Driving innovation by investing US$4,465,000,000 in R&D, a 20% increase from 2020
  • $164.9 billion
    Total compensation and welfare handed out to TSMC employees around the world, a 17% increase from 2020 (NT$)
  • $5.09 billion
    Invested into social engagement(NT$)
  • 2.24 million
    Number of certificates awarded to employees for completing TSMC training programs
  • 891,962
    Beneficiaries of social engagement programs
  • >6,500
    Over 6,500 students from top universities and graduate institutes around the world that participated in TSMC's diverse industry-academia cooperation programs
  • 0
    Announced to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050
  • 98.4 %
    98.4% reduction rate of volatile organic gases
  • 14.9%
    Reduced unit water consumption by 14.9% (Base year: 2010)
  • 1
    Number 1 in the global semiconductor industry as well as in Taiwan with the largest LEED-certified building area
  • 1
    Received the highest UL 2799 platinum rating for zero waste to landfill

Value of Innovation

TSMC continues to advance semiconductor manufacturing technologies and services to enable our customers to unleash more than 12,698 chip innovations in 2022. These innovations make products more advanced, capable, intelligent, energy-efficient, and safer, allowing us to greatly increase quality of life and move towards a sustainable well-being society.
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TSMC 2021 Sustainability Report Highlights and Video Now Available Online

TSMC’s annual Sustainability Report serves as a tool for the Company to evaluate material issues, benchmark against global practices, formulate implementation strategies...
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Our Focuses

  • An Innovation Pioneer

    Innovation is the foundation of growth and driver for breakthroughs at TSMC. As the leader in the dedicated IC foundry industry, TSMC embraces innovation from every employee. We insist on producing sustainable products with high quality and low energy consumption through leading technologies to help resolve the many challenges humanity faces.
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  • A Responsible Purchaser

    As the world's largest dedicated IC foundry, we have made it our mission to purchase responsibly. We have the power to make a difference and we are doing so by asking our suppliers to make advancements in the following aspects: technology, quality, delivery, environmental protection, human rights, safety, and health. Our goal is to build a green and sustainable semiconductor supply chain.
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  • A Practitioner of Green Power

    Green manufacturing is the cornerstone of sustainable management at TSMC. We believe that corporate growth and environment protection should not be mutually exclusive; our goal is to become the global standard of eco-friendly corporations. To such ends, we integrate green management into daily operations and strive to carry out climate change and energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control through introducing innovative green technologies.
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  • An Admired Employer

    Employees are TSMC's most important asset. We value mutual commitments with our employees. We dedicate ourselves to creating a challenging and enjoyable work environment full of opportunities to acquire new skills, establishing an open-style management system, providing compensation and benefits packages that are above the industry average for employees, and becoming a world-class company that our employees are proud of.
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  • Power to Change Society

    Based in Taiwan, TSMC has flourished with support from all sectors of society. TSMC believes that giving back to the community has been critical to our success. We've been caring for the disadvantaged, helping youth education, supporting arts and culture through the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and TSMC Charity Foundation to give back and create common values.
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Awards and Recognition

Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the 22nd consecutive year
Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index
MSCI ESG Indexes
ACWI ESG Leaders Index component
ESG Research ‒ AAA Ratings
ACWI SRI Index component
ACWI Islamic Index component
Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Index
"Prime" Rated by ISS ESG Corporate Rating
Emerging Index component/
All-World Index component/ TIP Taiwan ESG Index component
World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA)
SDG2000 ‒ The 2,000 Most Influential Companies
CommonWealth Magazine
Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award ‒ Honorable Legion of Corporate Sustainability Top 100
2022 CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard/ Water Security A Ratings/ Climate Change A- Ratings
Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)
"Platinum" Class Certification with the Highest Score for the 3rd consecutive year

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