Carrying Out the UN Sustainable
Development Goals

Letter from the ESG Committee Chairperson

Humanity now faces grave challenges. In the face of such challenges, TSMC is focusing on improving core business competencies through our ten business philosophies and four core values. We are striving to fulfill our five sustainability roles and drive SDGs throughout the semiconductor industry by influencing the three major stages of upstream procurement, TSMC operations, and customer use. With guidance from the ESG Steering Committee, TSMC has set five ESG goals and selected nine primary SDGs. With the ESG Committee, we were able to integrate inter-organizational resources and capabilities to formulate 52 timely and quantifiable long-term goals and implement 23 corresponding actions toward sustainability. We are integrating SDGs into our organizational culture and daily operations, and with Goal 17 of the SDGs – global partnerships – at the core, we are collaborating with internal/external stakeholders through participation, cooperation, and engagement to uncover opportunities for growth in the governance/economic, environmental, and social dimensions. We hope that we can join together in a sustainable future with shared values.
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Linking SDGs and TSMC's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030