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In compliance with the vision and mission of the TSMC ESG Policy, TSMC is fulfilling its responsibility as a corporate citizen and has established the ESG Steering Committee, the highest level ESG decision-making center. TSMC's Chairman chairs the ESG Steering Committee and the ESG Committee chair acts as the executive secretary. Senior executives from various functions work alongside the two committee chairs to evaluate the Company's core operational capacity, establish mid-to-long term ESG goals, and align UN SDGs with the Company's core advantages for a development blueprint.

The ESG Committee is an interdepartmental communication platform that serves to ensure ESG Steering Committee decisions are upheld. ESG Committee members are senior executives appointed to the Committee by Chairman Mark Liu and are tasked with the goal of aligning with international standards, gaining insight into international trends, and building a top-down operation model across the company. ESG Committee members will also spearhead annual SDG objectives and strategies across different committees, track performance, and balance stakeholder interests to ultimately ensure that ESG Strategies are fully integrated into the Company's daily operations.

For more information, please read TSMC 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report:

ESG Management

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