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In accordance with the vision and mission of the TSMC ESG Policy, TSMC employs the ESG Steering Committee and ESG Committee as a management platform to align with global trends in sustainable development and corporate growth. TSMC takes tangible action on our sustainability mindset and continues to create value for stakeholders.

Chairman Mark Liu serves as the Chairperson for the ESG Steering Committee and Senior Vice President Lora Ho serves as the executive secretary for the ESG Committee. Together with senior executives from various fields, Chairman Liu and Senior Vice President Ho review ESG topics relevant to TSMC operations, set mid-to-long-term development directions and goals, and align UN SDGs with the Company􀀁s core competencies to develop a blueprint for ESG. The board of directors supervises progress towards sustainable development and the Chairperson of the ESG Committee reports to the board of directors each quarter about ESG achievements and future plans.

The ESG Committee is tasked with carrying out resolutions from the ESG Steering Committee and is equipped for vertical integration and horizontal connections to facilitate interdepartmental communication and resource allocation. The ESG Committee instructs the ESG Department, the responsible organization, and inter-organizational management representatives to identify sustainability topics relevant to TSMC operations that stakeholders are concerned about. The ESG Committee will assemble task forces, formulate strategies, targets, and actions plans, and convene quarterly meetings to track progress and performance for sustainability issues to ensure that ESG strategies are fully implemented into the daily operations of TSMC.

For more information, please read TSMC 2021 Sustainability Report:

ESG Management

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