TSMC provides employees with abundant online self-learning resources to create an environment suitable for self-learning, encouraging employees to continuously develop self-directed learning skills and at the same time strengthening the awareness of "self-learning."

TSMC Launches “Self-Learning Bar” to Enhance Employees’ Self-Directed Learning Skills

Ara Ouyang

“Developing self-directed learning skills” is one of the important strategies for TSMC’s talent development. To encourage self-directed learning practices in employees, TSMC has curated online learning resources since 2019, aligning with both the corporate strategy and employee’s expectation. These resources are in addition to the original professional and functional skills training courses and provided with learning topics for management and all employees of their own choices. Based on the results of more than 8,000 returned by employees in April 2020, TSMC decided to launch an online learning resource project "Self-Learning Bar," which provides topics related to professional skillsets and an English learning zone. It regularly integrates new online learning resources in various fields over time. As of August 2020, more than 10 learning topics have been provided while over 46,000 employees have participated in the learning project.

A Brief Introduction for the Online "Self-Learning Bar"

Learning Topics for Managers and All Employees

TSMC Learning APP + Training and Lectures that Make Learning Happen Everywhere

TSMC provides abundant online courses, feature articles and high-quality videos. These diversified learning resources allow employees to choose the learning contents and methods that best meet their needs. In addition to the online learning curation, and to strengthen employees’ English capability that supports TSMC's global business operation goals, the "Self-Learning Bar" further launched "English Learning Zone" in July 2020. It provides online English webinars, English one-on-one consulting services, business English workshops, etc. As of August 2020, "English Learning Zone" has achieved more than 49,500 visits, 3,000 participants in webinars, and 100% utilization rate of English one-on-one consulting service. Business English workshops, starting in August, provide employees with opportunities for practical learning and applications.

It is a wonderful thing that the Company aligns its strategy with employees' needs on personal development and provides diverse learning channels for self-development, so that the employees can develop and grow in the way and time they think is effective.

- Connie Ma, Vice President of Human Resources

Based on this concept, “Self-learning Bar” encourages employees to improve their skills in their needed areas and bring new values to the organization, allowing the Company to continue to improve its effectiveness and enabling future talent development. At the same time, what the employees have learned via self-directed learning can be applied to daily life to maximize the learning effect. Furthermore, to provide better learning experience and convenience to employees, a Learning APP was officially launched in September 2020. Meanwhile, the subject-based training courses and lectures will start in October 2020, so that employees who are enthusiastic about the same subject can have in-depth discussions with experts and learn from each other in the future. These actions are to create an environment of self-learning, encourage employees to learn independently, improve personal performance and effectiveness, and make learning happen at all time and all places.