An Admired Employer

Employees are the most important asset of TSMC. We deeply instill a people-oriented culture to attract right people with shared vision and values.

Inclusive Workplace
Employees are TSMC's most important asset. We value mutual commitments with our employees. We dedicate ourselves to creating a challenging and enjoyable work environment full of opportunities to acquire new skills, establishing an open-style management system, providing compensation and benefits packages that are above the industry average for employees, and becoming a world-class company that our employees are proud of.
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Recruited 8,193 new employees around the world with competitive job opportunities
In payroll and employee benefits globally
Reinforced occupational safety and health to ensure zero cases of occupational hazards from chemical exposure
  • Connie Ma
    Vice President, Human Resources
    Talent is one of the most important assets to the Company and a driving force to move the industry and society forward. We foster a diverse and inclusive workplace and recruit talent with shared values. In the meantime, we also strengthen the collaboration with universities to nurture talent for the future of the semiconductor industry.
Talent Attraction and Retention
TSMC emphasizes "Right People with Shared Vision and Values" and reinforces employees' identification and implementation of core values. We plan benefit programs which fit employees' needs. Through a variety of human resources practices, our employees can bring all their potential into full play in the right position, which contributes to a win-win situation for both our company and employees.

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Talent Development
TSMC strives to reinforce talent, and assist employees to develop in managerial or technical/professional area based on their own characteristics and expertise. We strengthen the management capability at various levels of management, and encourage employees' engagement and commitment to ensure that the Company and employees can grow up together.

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Human Rights
As the largest dedicated semiconductor foundry in the world, TSMC is committed to building a safe work environment for its employees and in its supply chain, respecting and protecting the dignity of its employees, protecting the environment, and enforcing strict ethical standards. To these ends, TSMC has become a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the largest electronics business alliance in the world, conducting due diligence to ensure that its code of conduct complies with or outperforms the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct.

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Occupational Safety and Health
In order to implement occupational safety and health management and control, TSMC established an executive organization with the division of roles and responsibilities. In response to the requirements and expectations of TSMC from internal and external stakeholders, in addition to continuing to improve the existing safety culture promotion and risk management measures and in response to expansion plans. TSMC has standardized contractor operational safety and health management procedures, established the "Contractor Environmental Safety and Health Blue Book", strengthened the safety management system, and cooperated with contractors to create a safe and friendly environment.

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