ESG Policy & Matrix

ESG Matrix

ESG Policy


  • To Uplift Society


  • Acting with Integrity
  • Strengthening Environmental Protection
  • Caring for the Disadvantaged

Guiding Principles

  • Acting with Integrity: TSMC believes in acting ethically, following the law, and balancing the interests of all stakeholders. The Company endeavors to use the experience of developing a sustainable business to drive the industry and supply chain into a positive cycle and to act together with them as an uplifting force in society.
  • Strengthening Environmental Protection: TSMC strives to achieve environmental sustainability and continues to promote green fabs, green manufacturing, and green supply chains. The Company seeks the most efficient use of energy and resources and is committed to reducing waste and preventing pollution. TSMC is eager to share its environmental experience and expertise and aims to collaborate with government, academia, and all of society to address the challenges of climate change.
  • Caring for the Disadvantaged: TSMC believes in equality, justice, and a safe and prosperous society. The Company combines its resources with employee volunteer service to commit money, material and labor to the two main areas of "education" and "living." TSMC hopes to provide underprivileged students in rural regions with diverse learning opportunities and to offer disadvantaged groups necessary aid and emergency relief for the common good of society.

ESG Matrix

"TSMC ESG Policy" is the top guiding principle for our sustainable development. The "ESG Matrix" set by TSMC's Founder, Dr. Morris Chang clearly defines the scope of TSMC's corporate social responsibility. The horizontal axis shows the seven areas where TSMC aims to set an example: morality, business ethics, economy, rule of law, sustainability, work/life balance and happiness, and philanthropy. On the vertical axis are actions that TSMC has taken to fulfill its responsibilities.

ESG Timeline

Year Milestones
1993 TSMC Quality Policy enacted
1996 TSMC Environmental Policy enacted
1998 TSMC Education and Culture Foundation founded
2000 TSMC Safety and Health Policy enacted
2001 TSMC Environmental, Safety & Health Report, the Company’s first non-financial report, published
2004 TSMC Volunteer Program founded
2008 First TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Report published
2011 Dr. Morris Chang, founder of TSMC, proposes TSMC ESG Matrix
TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Committee established
2015 ESG Division established
TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy enacted
TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure enacted
2016 TSMC ESG Facebook Page launched
TSMC Human Rights Policy enacted
2017 TSMC ESG official website launched
TSMC Charity Foundation founded
2018 First TSMC ESG Newsletter published
TSMC Climate Change Statement issued
TSMC Business Continuity Management Policy enacted
2019 TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee established
TSMC Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-GHGs) Emissions Reduction Declaration issued
World's first semiconductor company elected for 19 consecutive years in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, DJSI World
Awarded the first place in Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in Large Enterprise Category by the CommonWealth Magazine for the 7th time
Elected the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune Magazine for 6 consecutive years
World's first semiconductor company to receive Platinum Certification from the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS)
2020 TSMC ESG Award inaugurated
World’s first semiconductor company to Join RE100
2021 CSR Executive Committee renamed ESG Steering Committee
CSR Committee renamed ESG Committee
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy renamed ESG Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Procedure renamed ESG Procedure
First TCFD Report published
TSMC Climate Change Statement renewed