Innovation Management

Innovation has been one of TSMC's core values for over 30 years since its establishment, and the Company has actively built a culture of innovation and a work environment encouraging more innovation that is finely tuned to the ever-changing characteristics of the semiconductor industry.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Technology Leadership
    Continuous investment and efforts on leading-edge technology development to maintain TSMC's technology leadership in the semiconductor industry
  • Sustainable Products
    Assess the environmental and social impact of each stage in the entire product life cycle and provide our customers with products that have low environmental, carbon, and water footprints
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Patent protection: Continue to strengthen patent portfolio by keeping patent applications in sync with the Company's R&D resources to make sure that all research achievements are fully protected
    • Trade secret protection: Enhance business operation and intellectual property innovation through trade secret registration and management that documents and consolidates the applications of the Company's competitive trade secrets

Innovative Management Framework

As the technology leader in dedicated IC foundry, TSMC makes product innovations in collaboration with customers, talent innovations in cooperation with academic institutes, and green innovations with suppliers. Over the years we have driven continued progress in global technology and brought about the proliferation of a convenient digital lifestyle.

Leading Technology and Innovations in IC Foundry Service

The efforts of TSMC R&D organization are focused on enabling the Company to continuously offer its customers first-to-market, leading-edge technologies and design solutions that contribute to their product success in today's competitive market environment.
TSMC continued to expand its scale of research and development in 2019. The total R&D expenditure for the year was US$ 2.959 billion, a 4% increase from the previous year and 8.5% of the Company's total revenue. The R&D team has grown to a team of 6,534 people, a 5% increase from the previous year.
A strong portfolio of intellectual property rights strengthens TSMC's technology leadership. As of 2019, TSMC's patent portfolio has reached over 39,000 patents worldwide to ensure the Company's technology leadership and maximum profit.

More Advanced and More Energy-efficient Electronic Products

TSMC is consistently first among dedicated foundries to provide next-generation, leading-edge technologies. Through TSMC's manufacturing technologies, customers' designs are realized and their products are used in a broad variety of applications. These chips make significant contributions to the progress of modern society.

Product Life Cycle Environmental / Social Impacts Consideration

TSMC considers, clarifies and compares environmental impacts of each stage based on product life cycle, including product design, raw material mining, production and transportation, product manufacturing and transportation, usage, and waste disposal to raise product environmental friendliness.
Environmental Impact Management
Social Impact Management
In 2019, TSMC finished the product life cycle, carbon footprint, and water footprint assessments on every manufacturing facility in Taiwan. The Company also achieved ISO14040, ISO14067, and ISO14046 certification. In efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of its products, TSMC is continuing to make progress in company-wide reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water conservation, waste minimization and reusability cycles, and pollution prevention. The Company also actively requires and assists its upstream and downstream supply chain partners to invest in similar initiatives.

Wafer Product Life Cycle Assessment (eq average of an 8-inch wafer)

For more information, please read TSMC 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Innovation and Service - Innovation Management

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