Ethical Management

A Trustworthy Company

TSMC acts upon operational transparency. We continuously create added value for the Company based on our core values and sound internal management.

Governance and Business
With foundations built on the core value of Integrity, TSMC is a company that has always governed itself with the highest standards. The ethical culture of TSMC employees is continuously strengthened through comprehensive education and training. At the same time, TSMC works hand in hand with its customers and supply chain to serve the mutual benefit of the industry, and serves as a trustworthy partner to its stakeholders.
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47,504 employees completed annual courses on Business Ethics and Regulatory Compliance
All tier 1 suppliers signed the TSMC Guidance on Supplier Business Conduct and conducted internal training at the completion rate of 100%
98.8% of suppliers agreed that TSMC promotion events for business ethics helped improve their understanding of business ethics
Our commitment to society and stakeholders is our core value of Integrity, good corporate governance, a culture of strict adherence to regulatory compliance, and intellectual property protection. These commitments are key to ensuring TSMC's sustainable future.
- Sylvia Fang, Vice President, Legal and General Counsel

Ethics and Regulatory Compliance

TSMC has set "Integrity" as one of its most important core values, and reinforces our culture of ethics and compliance through multiple channels...
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