Value Creation

Sustainable Value Creation

Promoting corporate sustainability has been TSMC's commitment since the Company was established. As the Company continues to grow, we've established a clear mechanism for sustainable management through our efforts into the six main capitals, four core elements, and seven sustainable management competencies. In order to consistently create value for our stakeholders, we have also established concrete, measurable long-term goals as well as corresponding action plans that we can continue to review and correct. We are also taking advantage of our role as an industry leader, hoping that we can extend our operational beliefs to each stages of our value chain. We hope that all of the sustainable management competencies can indeed make an impact on our industry and society to drive a sustainable management model that maximizes net positive impact and minimizes negative impact.

TSMC Sustainability Impact Valuation Model

Sustainability Impact Strategy Map

From purchasing and production to customer usage, TSMC has outlined a strategy map for the value chain derived from the causal relationship between of these interconnected lines for inspecting our various actions comprehensively. A monetary value is embraced as a sustainable management tool to measure the potential external costs (-) and values (+) that TSMC generates on the economy, environment, and society.