Waste Management

TSMC's waste management strategies are primarily focused on source reduction. TSMC continuously minimizes resource consumption at the source, adjusts raw material usage parameters and technical solutions for process improvements, and collaborates with suppliers to achieve material optimization and minimization. After raw materials are used in production processes, on-site recycling is prioritized so that resources are sufficiently reused to delay the disposal of materials as waste.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Source Reduction
    Promote waste reduction by waste source separation and require suppliers to provide low chemical consumption equipment
  • Circular Economy
    Collaborate with business partners to develop new waste recycling technology in order to increase the amount of waste recycled and reused
  • Audit and Guidance
    Conduct joint evaluation and supervision based on standards of waste management firms in the high-tech Industry

Life Cycle Management of Waste

TSMC continuously promotes raw material usage reduction. We have introduced circular economy management methods to independently develop waste recycling technology. TSMC also adopts proactive actions to strengthen vendor auditing effectiveness to ensure legal and proper recycling and treatment of wastes.
In order to sustainably use our resources, TSMC's waste management includes waste reuse, material recycling and energy recovery. We keep increasing the feasibility of waste reuse to realize circular economy.

Circular Economy

TSMC completed the amendment of the Company's Articles of Incorporation and added four scopes of business for chemicals in 2017 and successively invested in a number of in-house recycling facilities. With the development and introduction of various recycling technologies, wastes produced from diverse production processes are converted into products which can be reused in-house or sold to other companies. TSMC becomes a participant in the circular economy.
TSMC adopted proactive waste reduction activities. We invested in waste regeneration equipment, and collaborated with suppliers to optimize processes and improve equipment with monthly tracking of execution progress. The weight of outsourced waste disposal per wafer was reduced to 0.40 kilograms from the projected 0.70 kilograms in 2019.

For more information, please read TSMC 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Green Manufacturing - Waste Management

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