Children meeting the volunteers
Happily heading to the amusement park
Children having a good time

TSMC Joins Hands with its Employees to Make Society Better

Weekend volunteer activities create comforting power of companionship
Austin Lee
Ruby Chiang

Standing for our belief in peace and justice, TSMC integrates company resources and employees' volunteer service to fill the gaps in society and its resources with a long-term perspective. The "TSMC Charity Foundation" was officially founded in 2017. It follows TSMC's "corporate society responsibility policy"and the sustainable development goal of the United Nations. The charity foundation focuses on four main themes: caring for elderly people who live alone, promoting filial piety, caring for the underprivileged, and environment protection. In caring for the underprivileged, in addition to providing a variety of assistance in living and education. TSMC invited employees to join a day trip to amusement park with 17 schools and groups that TSMC has cared for over the long term as the first "weekend volunteer" activity in 2018. It makes the society a better place with the power of companionship.

TSMC's Charity Foundation Fulfills Children's Dreams of Going on a Trip

Having a family trip on holiday is not unusual for a normal family; however, it is not a common experience for nearly the 500 disadvantaged children for whom TSMC's Charity Foundation have provided long-term care. In order to make their dreams come true, TSMC planned its first weekend volunteer activity in 2018. On the day, energetic TSMC employees gathered first to prepare for the event. After the children arrived and got to know each other, they pleasantly headed to the amusement park. TSMC arranged activities with the amusement park facility to stimulate children's logical thinking and reactions, helping them interact and communicate with others.

TSMC Employees Show their Passion in Volunteer Service

Taiwan may not be a big country, but for our little guests from the Hengshan Township of Hsinchu, the 120km trip to Taichung's Lihpao Amusement Park is such a long and winding road. Taiwan is a convenient place, but for our little angels from the Bethlehem Foundation, there are always places wheelchairs cannot go. Therefore, TSMC's Charity Foundation fulfills children's dreams through its weekend volunteer activities. For TSMC employees who would like to devote themselves to volunteer work but have difficulty finding time during the weekdays, the weekend volunteer activity provides a great opportunity for them to spend a pleasant day with disadvantaged children. It promotes the nature of helping others by sharing the happiness.

Based on our corporate social responsibility vision to "lift the society", TSMC's Charity Foundation will continue working to connect public welfare networks and incorporate TSMC's resources into the society. It will be an important force for uplifting society.