Aesthetics of Sea Waste Fashion Runway at the East City Gate, Hsinchu
Young Artists of the Department of Arts & Design of National Tsing Hua University cleaned up the Hsinchu Nanliao Beach
Young Artists of the Department of Arts & Design of NTHU searched for reusable Waste from the Recycling Plant of Bureau of Environmental Protection Hsinchu
Artists transformed the beach litter into beautiful Wearable Art work
Aesthetics of Sea Waste Fashion Runway in TSMC Sport Day , modelling by TSMC Engineers
Dr. F.C. Tseng, Chairman of ECF , Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC and Dr. C.C. Wei, CEO of TSMC along with other VPs showed up in the Aesthetics of Sea Waste Fashion Runway and photo taken with models in TSMC Sport Day

TSMC's Youth Dream Building Project Cares about Environment and Waste Reduction

Adding 'USAGE 100%' project for the first time to encourage green innovation in the young generation
Chun-Lang Hsu
Ryan Yenchen Liu
Melody Lee

Since its launch in 2016, TSMC's Youth Dream Building Project has granted NT$3 million every year to encourage college students in the Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli areas to pursue their dreams. In the past two years, TSMC has attracted over 200 groups and over 700 college students to participate in the project. Fourteen groups of them have realized their dreams. In 2018, on top of the previous four major competition categories, we added a new project. With the theme of ‘USAGE 100%', we called on the younger generation to innovate by proposing solutions to waste disposal. The project aims to raise public awareness of wasted resources.

Beach Litter vs. Wearable Fashion: Melancholy behind the Beauty of our Homeland

In order to strike a chord with the younger generation on the ‘USAGE 100%' project, the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation collaborated with the Department of Arts & Design of the National Tsing Hua University on a pilot project called ‘Aesthetics of Sea Waste'. Seven participating young artists first cleaned up the Hsinchu Nanliao Beach and explored the possibilities of creating something wearable out of the litter they picked up with their own hands. The litter was then reshaped into beautiful and wearable art works through a process of transformation. Moreover, seeking inspiration from city features in Hsinchu, the artists took photos at various locations such as Shiachu Tree House, Hsinchu City Zoo, Touqian River Bank, Dongmen Market, Hsinchu Park, the East City Gate, and the Recycling Plant of the Hsinchu Bureau of Environmental Protection, etc. After a month's effort, these 7 artists showcased their works in the form of a fashion runway at the East City Gate, the Heart of Hsinchu in October 2018. Despite the drizzle on the day, with confident attitudes and at professional pace, the artists along with the models took the challenge in their stride and conveyed the message for the TSMC Youth Dream Building Project to encourage the young generation to realize their dreams, to create their own future, and to bring positive energy to the society.

Integrating CSR into TSMC's Sports Day: Aesthetics of Sea Waste Wearable Fashion Show Brings New Life to the Waste

On top of the customary sports games and cheerleader competitions, the 2018 TSMC Sports Day, for the first time, organized a "Plastic Reduction Theme Fair". Invited by TSMC's Cultural and Education Foundation, the Department of Arts and Design of the National Tsing Hua University relocated the ‘Aesthetics of Sea Waste Runway' to the carnival with TSMC colleagues acting as models. The fashion runway sent a strong message– we ought to protect our earth by reducing waste and replacing disposal. In doing so, TSMC encourages its employees to care about community and environmental issues, and fulfilled its corporate social responsibility with action.