TSMC Charity Foundation films professionals from all different types of jobs sharing their work experience, providing guidance and encouragement to students.
A performing artist shares his journey of personal and professional growth during filming.

TSMC Charity Foundation’s “Road to Employment” Program Helps Students Develop Diverse Competencies

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With a strategic focus on diverse learning, subject-oriented studies, and vocational education, TSMC Charity Foundation provides students living in rural areas with more learning resources. In addition to the “TSMC Action Science Lab” program to strengthen students’ scientific competencies, the Foundation launched a “Road to Employment” program with its partner 104 Job Bank in 2020 to give students a broader outlook on future careers and encourage them to develop their potential. The program reaches out to professionals from all different types of jobs to film them sharing their journey of personal and professional growth, and builds a dedicated website “World of Jobs, Road to Employment” that provides career interest quizzes and job placement opportunities to help students evaluate for future jobs that mesh with their personality traits. As of December 2022, the filming of a total of 104 professionals has been completed and the website has had visits.

Through vocational exploration, students from rural areas are inspired to imagine a future with more possibilities, set their life’s goals, and acquire specialized skills that will enable them to make a living in the future.

- Sophie Chang, Chairperson of TSMC Charity Foundation

We not only help young people to look for jobs but also encourage them to find a clear direction in life. Our partnership with TSMC Charity Foundation seeks to inspire more and more students to develop their potential and interests and foster talent with diverse skills.

- Rocky Yang, CEO of 104 Job Bank

Exploring Diverse Possibilities for Growth with the Help of Vlogs Featuring Professionals, Interest Quizzes, and Job Placement

Through long-term observation of rural and remote education empowerment efforts, TSMC Charity Foundation has found that limited teaching resources and life experience have led to students in remote areas having a limited idea of future careers. To remedy this, the foundation and 104 Job Bank teamed up to launch an initiative, filming a total of 104 professionals sharing their career stories and setting up a dedicated website with three key elements — Careers Vlog, Career Interests Quiz, and Job Placement — that can be accessed by students across the country to learn about their personality traits and different types of occupations and discover diverse paths to growth.

TSMC Charity Foundation’s “World of Jobs, Road to Employment” Website

TSMC Charity Foundation’s “World of Jobs, Road to Employment” Website

The Road to Employment program helps me get a clear picture about my future career path and the requirements needed for my dream job. Many thanks to these professionals that have shared their working experience. This interesting program helps me understand that advantage only comes from continuous learning.

- A student from Nantou Shiuhkuang Senior High School

The foundation will continue to promote the “Road to Employment” program and expects to expand its scope in 2023 by organizing four online information sessions to help high school students have a clear picture about their future career that mesh with their personality traits and assist in job placement. A wide range of companies in catering, manufacturing and service industries will be invited to join the program to offer students diverse employment opportunities that will broaden their horizons.

Advancing the “Road to Employment” Program Step by Step