TSMC Charity Foundation is dedicated to fabricating positive influences and promoting virtuousness.
Chairperson Sophie Chang cordially invited TSMC Founder Dr. Morris Chang as a special guest to encourage volunteers to become the driving forces that improve society.

"Love Being Together; Time of Happiness" Volunteer Banquet Review TSMC Public Welfare Achievement

TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang and TSMC Founder Morris Chang Encourage Employees to Bring Out Positive Influence
Austin Lee

TSMC believes that corporate needs to benefit the society before it can sustain its operation. In 2004, the TSMC volunteer assocation was founded, and it encouraged employees to devote into happy and wise volunteer activities. In 2017, in order to further integrate internal and external resources of the company to bring out more social impact, the TSMC charity foundation was officially established. Its public welfare footprints were all over Taiwan when looking back to the past year. Our theme of the volunteer banquet this year is "Love being together; Time of happiness". It symbolizes that every volunteer is a chef of happiness who focuses on taking care of elderly people who are at home alone, promoting filial piety, caring for minority and environment preservation, just like cooking dishes of warmth and hope with love for the cared ones.

Chairperson Sophie Chang Appreciates the Dedication of the Hualien Rebuilding Project from TSMC's Volunteers

The volunteer banquet connects the south and the north. After TSMC Charity Foundation Chairperson Sophie Chang struck the gong of happiness, the banquet began in Tainan and Hsinchu with the achievement video of the Hualien rebuilding project. In February 2018, a devastating earthquake destroyed Hualien. Led by Chairperson Sophie Chang, TSMC immediately began a series of rescue activities such as forming a rebuilding team with the cooperated vendors to repair 435 houses. TSMC also called for employees and their families for sightseeing and group ordering special local products from Hualien. It hopes to motivate positive changes with action. In addition, to assist children to get through this difficult time, TSMC's charity foundation held a "Love, hope, rebuild" counselling camp in which volunteers played a hearty accompany role. It is worth mentioning that rice from Yuli Town was specially selected as gift for TSMC volunteers this year to enjoy a taste of the beautiful Hualien. The farmers' love and perseverance to the farm also corresponded to the volunteers' passion and selfless act.

Founder Morris Chang Encourages TSMC Employees to Spread the Goods

TSMC's charity foundation is dedicated to fabricating positive influences and promoting virtuousness. There are always some fresh new faces in every volunteer banquet. They are mostly families of the volunteers who are affected and nurtured by the volunteers and decided to join the TSMC volunteer family. In this year's volunteer banquet in Hsinchu, Chairperson Sophie Chang cordially invited a mystery guest, TSMC Founder Dr. Morris Chang, to encourage volunteers to become the driving forces that improve society. "It's a good deed for public welfare. Come join and bring your family along!" the founder said with passion.

Since TSMC was founded, it grew stronger and stronger with the support of the society. To return gratitude for its support and bring benefit to the society, TSMC's charity foundation and volunteer club will continue to work hard and make a better future together.