TSMC Education and Culture Foundation launches the “Chinese Opera on Campus” program together with GuoGang Opera Company. The enrolled students showcase the results of their study at the public performance.
GuoGang Opera Company actor applies makeup for a student who has taken the class. (Photo credit: Tunghai University)
Actors from GuoGang Opera Company demonstrate the selected section of ‘On the Journey’ from “Chun-Tsao Braving the Court.“ (Photo credit: Tunghai University)

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation Cultivates Future New Talents Through the “Chinese Opera on Campus” Program

Exclusive Sponsorship of GuoGang Opera Company to Provide University Elective Course Rooted in Chinese Opera Culture for the First Time
Melody Lee

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation is committed to promoting the inheritance of Chinese traditional opera, inviting its long-term collaborator to perform at TSMC Hsin-chu Arts Festival and launching a new type of radio program “Tales from Chinese Opera” in an attempt to guide the public to explore the beauty of Chinese traditional opera. In order to further pass on Chinese traditional opera to the younger generations of college students, the Foundation exclusively sponsors GuoGuang Opera Company to launch the “Chinese Opera on Campus” program, offering a series of courses on Peking opera at National Tsing Hua University and Tunghai University for the first time. In 2022, the students who enrolled in the classes together with the actors of GuoGuang Opera Company showcased the results of their learning and performed a classic Peking opera play.” The classes aim to cultivate new talents, polish their skills and techniques and enrich their learning. They also inject new momentum into the efforts to continue the art of Peking opera.

Three Major Courses Designed to Comprehensively Teach New Peking Opera Aesthetics

Commencing in September of 2021, the “Chinese Opera on Campus” program is a three-year elective course at National Tsing Hua University and Tunghai University. The core of the course focuses on three major aspects: knowledge of Chinese opera, script appreciation and analysis, as well as demonstrating and teaching Peking Opera performance techniques. In the spirit of ‘,’ professional actors from GuoGuang Opera Company are the course lecturers and they pass on the basic physical and vocal techniques of how to play Peking opera roles as well as how to sing the melodies, thereby guiding the students to appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional opera performance art.

“Chinese Opera on Campus” Program

Teaching University National Tsing Hua University Tunghai University
Course Name New Peking Opera Aesthetics: Exploration and Experience Contemporary Theatre and Practice
Course Duration Three Years, Starting from September of 2021
Course Design
Knowledge of Chinese Opera
  • Lectures and talks by lecturer and specialist scholars
  • Introducing a brief history of drama, the development of Peking opera in Taiwan, and the contents of the new Taiwan Peking opera aesthetics developed by GuoGuang Opera Company
Approaches to Drama Analysis and Appreciation
  • Viewing classical Peking Opera recordings and analyzing play texts
  • Guiding the students in in-depth discussions on the aspects of playwrights’ creative thinking, the historical background of the play text, characteristics of the roles, and plot organization
Demonstrating and Teaching Peking Opera Performance Techniques
  • Using the play “Chun-Tsao Braving the Court“ as a case study, professional actors from GuoGuang Opera Company instruct students the basic Peking opera’s physical and vocal techniques to play the roles and sing in the opera, its music and costumes
  • The students rehearse a selected section of “Accidental Encounter” from “Chun-Tsao Braving the Court” and showcase the “Braving the Court” section via play reading while the GuoGang actors demonstrate the “On the Journey” section. Together they showcase the results of their learning in the final public performance

TSMC Education and Culture Foundation will continue its partnership with GuoGang Opera Company to inject Chinese opera culture into the campus. The “Chinese Opera on Campus” program is expected to launch its second-year course in September 2022, thereby enabling the beauty of traditional art to continue in the face of the vicissitudes and circumstances of the times. In doing so, the Foundation creates a gratifying experience that allows the young college students to understand the content of Peking Opera and enrich their humanistic heritage.

Without the incredible support from the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, GuoGuang Opera would not have had the opportunity to offer practicum credit courses on Peking opera at universities, and a performing program for these enrolled students to perform on stage in three years.

- Chang Yu Hua, Head of the GuoGuang Opera Company

It was very moving and thrilling for me to watch the students who had never taken any Peking Opera classes building up bit by bit from the ground up to learn the techniques of singing, reciting and acting up to this stage.

- Kao Chen-Lin, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese Literature, Tunghai University