TSMC is committed to minimizing the risk of spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and providing safe and healthy workplace for all employees.
Through tabletop exercises, TSMC encourages employees to proactively improve their abilities to prevent and respond to the epidemic.

TSMC’s COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Network Protects Employees’ Safety and Health

Pei-Hsien Tsai
Victoria Wang
C.Y. Huang
Aaron Wu

Facing the domestic coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, TSMC adheres to the principle of "keeping the infection outside and avoiding cross-infection inside", using its proprietary contact tracing system which incorporates government published "" information to identify high-risk personnel, significantly shorten the response time from 2 hours to 15 minutes and strives to minimize the risk of transmission and provides a safe and healthy working environment for all personnel.

Expand the Scope of High Risk Personnel Control by Using the "Hot Spot" Area + "Contact Tracing”

In May 2021, TSMC abides by Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC) guidelines to strengthen the measures for when CECC raised the epidemic alert to level 3 on “continuous and sustained or widespread community transmission". Incorporating published "hot spot area" information with statistically determined "regional risk", TSMC arranges employees who live and commute around high-risk areas to work from home by their department heads to reduce risk of employees getting infected.

TSMC also establishes its own "contact tracing system" to collect employee’s daily self-checked body temperature data and , and announce tracking information such as office floor, seat location, cohabitants, transportation, in-person meetings participated and meals attended of infected case immediately. Through this system, TSMC can timely inform employees and obtain comprehensive list of contacts and shorten the response time from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

Tabletop Exercise and Epidemic Prevention Webpage Strengthen Employee’s Awareness and Ability to Respond

To manage no-symptom COVID-19 infected cases, C-ESH implements 17 to assist supervisors and Epidemic Prevention Committees of each site to get familiar with epidemic emergency response procedure and to develop improvement measures.

TSMC's COVID-19 Epidemic Emergency Response Procedure

Establish “COVID-19 Epidemic Preventive Zone” webpage, with simple and clear thematic graphics to deepen the concept of epidemic preventive measures among employees, including "Avoid Crowds", "Wearing Masks", "Outing Guidelines", "Home Epidemic Prevention Campaign" etc. online while posting Epidemic Prevention posters at the entrances and exits of buildings, public areas and offices to remind employees to abide government regulations and company's epidemic control measures. TSMC will continue to monitor the development of the epidemic and follow CECC preventive measures.

TSMC COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Poster