TSMC donates second-hand goods and materials to the disadvantaged through “Christmas in summer” program.
TSMC donates second-hand goods and materials to the disadvantaged through “Christmas in summer” program.

TSMC “Christmas in Summer” Program, Turns Around the Living Quality of the Underprivileged Through Over 20,000 Charity Supply Boxes

Chenwu Chung
Eric Tseng
Tsai-Yi Chang

Adhering to the concept of giving back to the society, TSMC’s “Christmas in Summer” program calls on their employees to share second-hand goods and materials with people in need, hoping to relive the resources shortage and giving new lives to the second-hand goods. , the program has been held 27 times, donating nearly 20,000 boxes of second-hand goods, equivalent to 15 times the height of Taipei 101, and has supported people from more than 20 rural schools and social welfare institutions all over Taiwan.

Sorting the Goods before Distributing Them to the Welfare Institutions Optimizing Value of the Resources

Since 2006, TSMC has held this charity program annually both at late summer and around yearend, inviting their employees to donate second-hand goods that are in good condition but no longer needed. After categorizing, inspecting quality, and taking inventory, the goods are delivered to the institutions in need based on the that received the donations. This is to reduce the burden of the receiving institutions, as well as avoiding redundant resource delivered to people who are not in need, ultimately optimizing the value of these second-hand materials.

Operation of TSMC “Christmas in Summer” Program

Classification of the Second-hand Goods and Materials

TSMC plans to hold next drive in January 2022. Through continuous support and contribution of our employees, TSMC wishes to carry on and expanding the act of love, hopes everyone learns to cherish and reuse resources and to build a society full of love by sharing.

This charitable program demonstrates not only the love of our colleagues but also a responsibility of TSMC to the society.

- Chenwu Chung, Department Manager of Public Utilities Service at TSMC and the Organizer of “Christmas in Summer” Program

These second-hand goods not only meet the needs of the whole family behind the needy children but also bring them warmth and help them realize that there are lots of people care about their growth!

- Hsiu-Ya Chen, Principal of The Affiliated School for Students with Hearing Impairments of National University of Tainan