Ecology volunteers of TSMC Fab 15 guided students during the ecology tour at plant.
Ecology Volunteers guided students to learn about lifecycle of Taiwan Lily through “Lily Calisthenics.”
Students discussed about domestic water recycling and reusing methods through brainstorming.
Fab 15 was TSMC’s first plant awarded the “Environmental Education Facilities” accreditation.

TSMC Becomes the First Semiconductor Company Awarded with Environmental Education Facilities Accreditation to Cultivate a Sustainable Future

Fab 15 Provides a Diverse Environmental Education Program by Integrating Green Manufacturing Technologies into Courses and Ecological Tours
Pi Fang Chi
Sharon Cho
Tsai-Yi Chang

With a vision of pursuing growth and mutual prosperity between industry and the environment, TSMC continues to fulfil its commitment of sustainable business and proactively sharing its green intelligence externally. In order to bring the environmental education to the next generation, TSMC strived to become the first semiconductor company awarded with the “” accreditation by Taiwan EPA and offers environmental education through Fab 15, the Company’s first plant that obtained such accreditation. TSMC incorporated green manufacturing technology themed courses and ecological tours in its environmental education program to let people understand how TSMC makes technological innovation work for sustainable development. In 2021, the Company has also rolled out a series of learning courses targeting different age groups to enhance the effects of environmental education program. More than 3,000 people have participated in TSMC’s environmental education events .

Green Manufacturing Themed Courses Inspire Students to Practice Environmental Protection

Located in Taiwan’s Taichung Dadu Mountain area, TSMC Fab 15 adopted a systemizing mechanism combining green architecture and at the early stage of fab construction. At the same time, TSMC made Fab 15 an environmentally friendly green plant through forests restoration of Mt. Dadu using near-natural forest techniques. In 2018, Fab 15 started to work on its environmental education plans, devising construction ideas and into educational materials, making them best for young kids. Target audiences can learn about environmental protection through a series of discussions, on-site observation, board game, and role playing games. In addition, the waste reclamation course for adult audiences greatly helps to obtain an in-depth understanding of circular economy, which has been approved as official lectures for the EPA Guided Events in 2021, widely extending the benefits of environmental education.

Environmental Education Courses Offered at Fab 15

Target Audience Youth Kids (mainly 5th to 6th graders) Adults (high school students and above)
Course Features
  • Green Plant – Development of Environmental Protection and Sustainability
    By group discussion, target audiences are guided to think about the impact of human activities on environment and how to reduce the impact through building a green plant and strike a balance between economic growth and environmental sustainability.
  • Green Park Exploration Tour
    Target audiences are guided to collect different information for analysis through the on-site observation, learning how facility design impacts the environment in details.
  • Waterdrop Baby Fab Travel
    Waterdrop Baby is a role playing game designed to encourage the practice of water conservation in daily life.
  • The Secret of 3.5 Times
    Through playing a nine-square board game, target audiences will learn about TSMC’s green practices on circular economy, such as industrial water diversion, waste reclamation, and waste reduction.
Event Website TSMC Ecological Park in Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP)

Through different environmental education initiatives, TSMC effectively encourages its employees and their families, communities, schools, public and private sectors to pay more attention to the environment and take action on environmental protection, so that the environmental, economic, and social benefits can be shared universally.

- Su-Hua Lin, Associate Professor, Department of Science Education and Application, National Taichung University of Education

Experiencing Environmental Sustainability through Ecological Tours with 12 Features

The “Green Park Exploration Tour” at Fab 15 is a unique tour guided by TSMC Ecology Volunteers. , 728 people have volunteered for this tour, resulting in 1,823 hours cumulative service hours. In addition, Fab 15 has also invited CTSP Taichung Wastewater Treatment Plant, AUO Taichung Plant, Taichung Metropolitan Park, and other education organization to form a partner alliance, sharing environmental education resources and promoting the benefit of sustainability.

Map of Fab 15 Ecological Tour Guide with 12 Features

Though creative and fun courses and ecology tours, ecology volunteers help kids learn about TSMC’s green practices as a corporate citizen. TSMC Ecology Park in CSTP makes it possible for technology development coexist with environmental protection, and is always my first choice for environmental education field trips. I appreciate all the experiences during each visit to TSMC Ecology Park, where our students have certainly learned a lot.

- Tzu-Hsuan Li, Taichung City Song Jhu Elementary School Teacher

We are surprised to see so many species that we’ve never seen before in a semiconductor fabrication plant. The TSMC fab is more like a botanical garden!

- Mei-Zheng Huang, Taichung City Chiao-Jen Elementary School Teacher

We thought TSMC was a factory, something like a steel metal house before we came, but it turned out to be a great place with energy-saving facilities, beautiful ecology with all sorts of flowers and plants. The tour in TSMC is so impressive and unforgettable!

- Yan-Qi Yang, Taichung City Chiao-Jen Elementary School Student

TSMC strives to fulfil its commitment of environmental sustainability. TSMC Fab 15 continuously install environmentally friendly facilities, promote environmental education program, and perform periodic monitoring for ecology field establishment. TSMC will expand the program to its Hsinchu and Tainan sites and help them to apply for environmental education facilities certifications in 2023, so that the different sites of TSMC can work together to cultivate the seeds of environmental protection and grow a future of sustainability.